Whats your favorite gameing company and if....
  • Whats your favorite gameing company and why and if you would like that company to combined with another gaming company what company would it be and why?

    Me i don't like alot of gaming companys but i like them in other words i like them and the other part

    I Would be RockStar and Naughty Dog because i love those two companys and think they would make great games. :D :D :D :D
  • ...you don't like them, that is to say, you love them?

    I like quite a few myself, the least of which being SquareEnix and Capcom. If you want to count Nintendo as a 1st/2nd party developer than definitely them as well: when they want to put out a quality title they put out something that is really polished and usually pretty fun to boot.
  • ArenaNet and Level-5 are both great developers but I wouldn't want them to combine.

    Perhaps Level-5 and Quintet would be cool, make sum moar Soul Blazer.

    Capcom and SNK teaming up permanently would be kick ass too (like SquareEnix, but they keep making great games instead of mediocre)

    Mix Monolith and Valve perhaps? Or maybe Monolith and From Software to make Shogo: Mobile Armor Division 2.

    Acquire and Capcom would make a kick ass game together.
  • i wouldnt mix valve with anything... they are gods

    i would think EA and Activision would make some good titles......or maybe a bunch of crap
  • Bethesda is my current favorite. Blizzard is right up there. Bethard would have really high quality control and some sick games.
  • Bullfrog was my favorite games developer back in the day. Nowadays its Blizzard and Rockstar.

    If I had to choose between two developers merging? Its a tough question because mergers are tricky things in that merging A with B will not necessarily give you an awesome AB but possibly a piece of shit C. Currently I would love to see The Behemoth being snatched by someone like Valve who has some financial muscle but is known to allow a lot of creative freedom to its developers. Moreover it would mean seeing any future Behemoth games appear on Steam.
  • let me just say this Squenix+valve+blizzard=new game every 20 years that is polished like a mother fucker and revolutionises the gaming world.

    just saying
  • Ooops I forgot about Hamonix! I was made a follower of them when I started playing Amplitude, they really really just made a game that was addicting as hell: I played it online soooo much. Then when Guitar Hero released I was skeptical but since it was by Harmonix I decided to try it and again, instantly hooked. Once GH2 released I really fell in love with the game and I got very good at it over the course of the year that it was new. Then with Rock Band they managed to add so much to the game in so many ways that it was definitely the evolution of the genre again.

    Harmonix just really knows what they're doing. One of the largest factors in me wanting an ipod is so I can buy and play Phase :twisted:
  • There are so many good companies out there now. Back in the day my favorites were Capcom and Nintendo. Everything they did was good. Nintendos games were and are always masterpieces.

    Now I would say Blizzard, Infinity Ward, and Rockstar - the games they create raise the bar every time there is a new release. WoW raised the bar with MMOs. There are lots of competitors coming out, but none of them are ever as polished as WoW. People will leave WoW for awhile to try out the competition but they always go back. Heck even myself, I played WoW from release day til earlier this year. I haven't played it in months but I'm feeling the itch to play again, and with the release of the xpack just around the corner I'm sure I'll be there soon.
  • My favorite company would have to be square, just because of the great job they done on the final fantasy series. Also i think blizzard are pretty good, warcraft, 3 especially rocked. Honorable mention Epic, for the amount of time i wasted in school playing Unreal over a LAN having a laugh.
  • Capcom + SNK would send me into a rapturous gasm.
  • Square-Enix make really good games but I think my favorite company is a tie between Insomniac and Level 5.

    If Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch combined the greatest platformer of all time would be made.
  • Square Enix is my favorite company but if I was going to mix two good companies together it would be Epic and Activision because I want to know what would ha[[en if you combine Gears of War with CoD4

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