Drawing the Challenge/Frustration Line
  • I remember going over to a friend's house and playing God of War. I never had a PS2, so I had never played it before. The first part of the game was great. Impaling Hydras, running through the city (I forgot the name of it, I want to say Athens), then I got to the Temple of Pandora. Raptor Jesus H. Christ, was that fucking insane. I found the combat fun, sure, but the puzzles? Fuck no! I HATED the part where I was in the rafters way up in the room and I had to jump over the spinning blades. Not fun, not challenging, not even remotely interesting, just frustrating as hell. I will worship anyone as a GOD if they can prove to me that they were able to get through the entire level without dying once. On their first try.

    So here's my question, Where should game developers, and gamers for that matter, draw the line between challenge and frustration? Is that battle with Death in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow a good challenge or could it be considered too long and too hard? (If you ask me, any fight with Death is the latter.) Should game creators play test their games more to make sure the game is more accessible to those who may not be as skilled as other people while still making it interesting? Thought, please.