Did anyone here who played gunster...
  • Think it was a complete copy of soldat?

    I mean yeah, they add some things that Soldat doesn't have like the training missions and the co-op modes but Soldat is just great capture the flag/deathmatch action that is alot hard if you ask me.

    If you played gunster give Soldat a look.

    It's only 11mb and plays exactly the same, and I do mean exactly the same. Same physics and everything. Only difference is it came out first and the models are smaller which makes the game more difficult. Also, the deathmatches/ctf's are much bigger then Gunster's.

  • Yes ! I tought exactly that ! Gunster really does move the same fashion as Soldat does.
    Like I mentioned elsewhere, Soldat does feature blood (yes !)

    I liked Soldat better .
    Why ? It`s 11 MB compared to 250 MB + of Gunster (wtf?) , It is a stand-alone game executable unlike the " Go with IE to a website and do this and that " bullcrap ( I dont have IE on any of my computers hence Gunster is a no-no for me) and last but not least Soldat plays more furiously .
  • I installed gunster and tried to press the button for mission license but nothing would happen. I just got fustrated and said fuck that.