What's your favorite style fighting game?
  • My favorite is probably either the 3D or the Free-Roaming style. 2D is just to hard to dodge attacks and I like the interactive environments of 3D ones. How 'bout you?
  • My favorite fighter is Marvel Vs Capcom 2, I hear there will be a MVC3 in the near future *Crosses fingers*
  • I have to say 3-D because I've had a laugh playing tekken drunk with my mates.
  • 2D. Guilty Gear for the fucking win.
  • For me it really depends. I do like the budokai tenkaichi series even though I HATE dragon ball z. Would super smash bros count as 2d? Im not a big 2d fighter fan unless im playing in arcade.
  • Mortal Kombat Armagedon was a god among games.
  • I prefer 2D because then I can focus on general strategy, not having to pay attention to a whole other axis of movement. 3D fighters also tend to over complicate themselves. I don't need a moveset of 50 moves, gimmie 10 diverse moves and we'll call it even.

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