Best analog sticks?
  • Which controller do you think has the best dual analog sticks of the same size?
  • The xbox 360 and Ps2 ones are the best ones i have tried
  • PS2/PS3 are my preferred options.

    Not just the analog, but the entire 360 controller is utter tripe imo.
  • i like 360 ones the best for a reason i only realised after hearing it on the modcast.

    The top of the 360 stick has a little hollow like a concave hollow on it. Compared to the Playstation one which has a convex bubble thing on top I just find the 360 one easier to use. Plus the Playstation sticks are too close together aswell.
  • nevets said:
    Plus the Playstation sticks are too close together aswell.

    I know, it's like the virtual console where you feel like you need little monkey hands. It's just not as drastic.
  • playstations are the best plus xboxs is only a copy of the best :lol:
  • I like the ps3 controllers, although my fingers slip off every once in a while
  • You cannot beat the PS2 DualShock 2 in my opinion. Perfection.
  • Xbox 360. PS2 pads were good, but the 360 makes it that little bit better.
  • ps3 and ps2 i dislocated my thum on 360
  • Two Atari joypads. :D
  • I thik the 360 Gamepad, other than the terrible "D-Pad", is the best gamepad.
  • PSP nub FTW.

    No, seriously. I think I like the Xbox sticks better, if they were to use a design not configured for gorilla's. I'm a big guy with slighty above average hand size and its like I'm trying to play with a Hardee's thickburger or something in my hands. Ridiculous. I never did try an Xbox Micro though, but I heard they were a lot better because of the size.

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