The Magic Wall Says...CDI
  • This is how I first discovered the existence of the CDI. It was late one night and I had just finished a paper I was writing, and was still pretty wired. This was on and I couldn't turn it off...

    "Movies on a CD?"



    Even though Phil's white man's AFRO bother the crap out of me...

    I almost wanted one of these after seeing this silly thing.

    As you can see the second part of this got kind of weirdly sinister. In fact the idea of giving an infomercial a little dramatic story was just RIDICULOUS. At 3:00 AM, when this aired, who was watching this for the mystery and riveting drama?

    "Do you know the meaning of life?"

    "I have an excellent demonstration of Sandy's Circus Adventure."


    At the end of the day this was the only advertising I ever actually saw for the CDI. The thing wa sa turd and the old rule will always apply...

    No matter how much money you spend on your creepy infomercial...


    Still this was fun to watch all by itself. It was sort of a small taste of the hideously acted FMV games that actually plagued the system and followed it to its grave.