Favourite Amiga games
  • Now, I know I am not the oldest gamer here, and I know that there are quite a lot of Amiga fans. So here is my question to you - Which are your 5 favorite Amiga games and why?
    Having said that, here are mine in no particular order:

    Paradroid 90
    A remake of the original game on the C64 this was a classic. You play as a robot (an influence device) who infiltrated an alien ship governed by other robots. You where free to do what you want and go wherever you pleased. The big novelty of the game was that you could hijack all the other robots going around in the ship - from the lowly cleaner droids to the super powerful guards. The game involved a puzzle mini game whenever you wanted to take over another droid and the more powerful it was the harder the mini game was. Genius.

    This game had it all. Awesome intro? Check. Violence? Check. Huge city which you could explore? Check. Cyberpunk setting? Check. Big ass explosions? Check. RPG elements? Check. Minigun? Check. Peter Molyneux? Check. I played this to death and loved every minute of it. To date this is the only game of its kind. I demand a modern day sequel done well!

    Turrican 2
    The first game contributed to my first experience with the Amiga system. When this was released I was totally blown away and would religiously complete it at least twice a week. It is a side scrolling shoot'em up in the vein of Contra but I prefer this much better to be honest. Of note is the unbelievably good music by Chris Hülsbeck. Listening to those tunes still creates goosebumps. Oh how low Factor 5 have fallen.

    Sensible World of Soccer
    Or SWOS as it was affectionately referred to by the legions of fans this game had. It was soccer done well. Not trying to be realistic, but rather getting the essence of what made soccer exciting and injecting it into an adrenaline rush of a game. To boot it included thousands of teams, all with proper player names and it was quite a decent soccer management game to boot. Its on LIVE arcade for those who would like to try this gem out.

    Chaos Engine
    While some might argue that cooperative games are a new fad, the Bitmap Brothers would certainly disagree. This is the granddaddy of coop-games. If you did not have any friends the game would give you an AI controlled buddy and it was ok. If you had someone to play with though this was something else. You run, you shoot, you cover each other and you ninja all the loot. If I had to chose one game to have remade with modern day graphic, this would be it.
  • I loved the Amiga. That computer was way ahead of its time. I had so many favorite games on it that I played and played til the disks wore out. Some of them include

    Defender of the Crown
    I loved Defender of the Crown, it was strategy and action, and cinematics all in one. The graphics on the Amiga were so much better than on any other system it appeared for.

    King of Chicago
    Another Cinemaware game that was awesome. It was point and clicky but I still loved this game. The fact that I got to be a mobster just kicked ass. The graphics were again so much better on the Amiga then on the PC.

    Earl Weaver Baseball

    Probably the greatest baseball game ever to appear on a computer(well at least at the time).