Video Games Live - Coming to London 24/10/08
  • Hey, this is somewhat of a shout out to England-based (and Probably more London-based) member of the noobtoob army.

    Some of you may have heard of VGL, I believe it was mentioned on the show some time ago. But basically its a show centred on a full Orchestra playing some kick-ass gaming tunes. I went last year, and can tell you it's a great show, and any gamer, whether you thought you were into the music or not, will find something to enjoy.

    Check out their site here

    So my question to you faithful noobtoobers, is do any of you want to head on down for this most pro of gaming events? Me and a few gamer friends (only one of which I am sad to say is a fellow listener) are doing so. We're going to the 8pm show.

    Get your tix here