The Christmas Games Rush
  • The Summer games drought is over, the Christmas games rush is about to begin and I don't know how anyone is going to keep up.
    There's such a multitude of games coming out in the next four months that it's all but impossible for non-obsessives to keep track of them, let alone actually play or buy them.
    It's a familiar problem but how serious is it in today's changed marketplace?
    I'm not about to count them all up to confirm it, but it's reckoned that at least two-thirds of all the games released during the year come out between September and November.
    If the industry wants to make a public announcement that it is still a niche concern this is the most convincing.
    It's a long-standing problem we're stuck with, but there are ways round it for the frugal and patient shopper.
    The most important notion for any gamer at this time of year is the question of prioritising.
    Most people can only afford and/or have time to play a small number of games at once, which means many potentially interesting games quickly get bumped.
    I strongly advise you to go for the more obscure titles first though - not for the reasons you may think, but because they're so hard to find.
    The truth is if shops got any stock at all it would have been extremely limited and never replenished.
    And because these games are being bought by people that know what they're looking for - rather than impulse buys - they rarely turn up secondhand.
    If you've a list of games you're looking forward to, I'd prioritise them in order of advertising.
    The more ads you see for a game the more stock shops are going to have and, most important, the lower the prices will be on the secondhand market.
    So, for example, Bangai-O Spirits will be a rarity from the off while pre-owned bins are going to be groaning under the strain of Force Unleashed.
    Of course for most people there will simply be two or three games they're really looking forward to this year and everything else will have to be ignored as a matter of simple economics.
    That's the real tragedy of bunching up releases so much, as it essentially forces people to buy conservatively.
    Do try to work the system to your advantage though and don't buy as soon as you can, but is cheaply as you can, if you are strapped for cash this year. If you aren't though, by all means buy and pre-order games as much as you like! Just some useful advice from CraigyScotsman :D
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