which game is going to be more scary
  • Resident Evil 5 / Dead Space?

    im not talking which is going to be better, i would like to know which game do you think looks scairer.

    the reason i ask is because the Resident Evil series use to be some scary shit back on the playstation 1, but now a great horror game has turned into a good shooter.

    i hoped that Resident Evil 5 has some great scary moments in it, but its looking like its going to be s great 3rd person shooter.

    Dead Space on the other hand looks like it is the scariest game to come out since silent hill 2.

    i dont know, let me know what you think?
  • yeah... i agree.
    RE5 looks like a lot of shooting and teamwork and puzzles not just scaring the shit out of you.

    dead space looks scarier... but it reminds me too much of doom3 =(

    i think dead space is the scarier pick
  • hands down dead space in my opinion but i think both games will make people jump :)

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