raciest's on xbox live
  • i dont know if anyone has talked about this...but this shit needs to stop.

    i went on live to play some gears and joined a game. while i was waiting for the round to restart, i heard this guy talking about a black guy that beat him, and that he wanted to tie him to the back of his truck and drag him like the "n" word that he is. then a couple people chimed in with some laughs and i left. for people to say raciest things to other people over a video game or anything for that matter is sad and shall i say p****. i would think by now microsoft would have done something about this, but there will always be some jackass somewhere that thinks its cool and trys to act tuff to his friends by calling someone a racial slur. it takes all the fun out of the game when you hear that crap and makes me not want to go on xbox live anymore.
  • Nothing can really stop it, no matter what people do there will always be those who will speak ill of another culture of people. All that we can do is step in speaking that it is not acceptable to hear or speak of such things. If that don't work, then you just stick to playing with other noobtoobers and friends. Because you know that they won't spit any racial shit at anyone else because:

    1. You know these people and they respect you and you can expect them to respect other people and their ethnic origins.

    2. This community has shown that it don't care what race you are as long as you game and you game hard and have fun then that should be good enough.

    3. You would have no fear telling those people off because they are your friends and fellow gamers who just want to play with other gamers and have a good time instead of spitting shit out their mouths.

    That's what I think anyways, I am sure you can find a large number of people who would be willing to play with you here so go have fun and game on!!!!

  • i agree and im glad that im part of a group that doesnt do all that crap.

    feel free to add me on xbox live
  • If you meet nice people add them and play with them and set chat to party and friends only lol.

    When you give kids a mic, and the internet. Its bound to be bad.
  • well whenever there is typing you can censore swears but if you try and add a filter to the audio would be difficulet because of all the other languages and acsents plus it might accidently censore non swears then you would have a issue with freedom of speach.
  • You cant do anything about it. Just little kids being stupid or drunk guys that don't know what the fuck there saying are the ones that do it and because the "rep and complaint" system on LIVE doesn't work, its going to go on for a long time.
  • ya, there is a lot of it and i have noticed it in almost every online game i have played in whether it come little like 10 year old kids that you don't know if there even old enough to reach over the counter to buy the game, now ill give you I'm for free speech and everything i mean i say F*&K when i die in games but i don't have my mic turned on when i do and calling people names just because there new to the game i mean hell all of us have been there before and there no different, as for the racism, what you say in your house with no one listening is between you and your maker and if your going to sit down and take out you frustration at other people by screaming and yelling at them about not running through a door way at the right time doesn't make the game any more fun. knock it off and Adults set examples for little kids, preferably by NOT BUYING THEM THE FRICKEN GAME
  • It's sad that there is racism around Live, but it's extremely difficult to stop it, unless they just don't let you talk and add filters in texting. Which wouldn't be very fun...

    toleco diuqil said:
    it takes all the fun out of the game when you hear that crap and makes me not want to go on xbox live anymore.

    Very true.

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