Top 5 overrated and underrated games of all time!
  • Overrated

    5.Gears of war (I played this game to late and expected way to much) (nes)
    4.Simpsons acade game.(acarde)
    3.TMNT 3 Turtles in Time! (acarde)
    2.Halo 1,2,3(xbox)
    1.Super mario brothers 3 (im sorry it just iz) (nes)


    5.Super Mario Brothers 2 (doki doki mario)
    4.Mega Man 5(nes)
    3.Pokemon TCG (GB)
    2.Rally-X (acarde)
    1.Cool spot (Snes)

    Feel free to post your own!
  • Overrated
    5. the legend of zelda twilight princess (wii)
    4. gears of war (360)
    3. assassins creed (ps3, 360)
    2. halo 3 (360)
    1. super mario world (snes)

    5. mega man III (nes)
    4. lost odyssey (360)
    3. earthbound (snes)
    2. battletoads (nes, snes)
    1. metriod series (nes, snes, gamecube, wii)