• The way you controll a game has been an important part of Video Game history since day one.

    Now, these are my least favorite Video Game historians, but they do make GREAT game culture video topics. This particular special is an EXCELLENT over-view of Game Controllers throughout the ages...

    To be fair they were less annoying than usual this time. Except for the guy in black, but that really goes without saying.

  • I think it´s just like they say: the controllers are the unsung heroes. It is an universal law that bad control means bad game. Very good Pocket!
  • Very interesting topic. It's very true that a good controller is such that it's not thought about, and I think most people here have grown up with gaming to the point that it's just second-nature to use a complex controller.

    Ergonomically, I think the 360 has actually really nailed what makes a good 'hardcore' controller now. The buttons sometimes get a little bit problematic if you're mashing them up a bit, but with primary control for a great deal of games now moving to the triggers - huzzah Dreamcast - the idea of button-mashing has really almost vanished from 360 games now in my experience.

    In the same way that people seem to scream about a console being the "best ever" with every new generation, I guess controllers are the same way. The SNES was amazing back in it's day, the PlayStation (2) in it's, and now we seem to have gotten to the point where I have no qualms with proclaiming the 360's to be the best one yet made. The next generation will probably offer something that blows that out of the water and the 360 shall be but a memory to me, but loyalty is something easily lost in gaming nowadays.

    The Dreamcast controller, though, I would like to bring up. The thing baffled me. It was huge, clunky, mildly unergonomic and yet it somehow had this immense ability to feel right. Sonic Adventure, Phantasy Star Online, Soul Calibur - Hydro Thunder! Now there's a blast from the past I had to go check the name of. XD Many hours of fun with that. It just baffles me how something so utterly wrong felt so right at the time.

    One thing it does fail to mention though - portable consoles. It's a rocky and dangerous road, what with the nature of them having to house an entire system - and screen - often making them clunky. And yet the Game Boy, the very first attempt, seemed to strike gold which remained consistently good up until the very first rendition of the DS which did, admittedly, kinda suck.

    Speaking of the the advent of the DS, does anyone remember the travesty that was the Horrendous machine which I had the misfortune to own. Bah. It tried to pull off touch control and failed miserably, but I suppose it must be commended for the effort.
  • Wow, great video find Pocket. Watching that sure brought back a lot of memories of systems and controllers I've had or used in my video gaming history.

    I remember when I first got an Atari 2600 and thought the joystick was just the coolest thing ever and that no way was a NES pad going to be better than my joysticks, boy was I wrong. I remember going from the NES pad to the Genesis pad with its 3 buttons and then to a SNES with 6. These guys were right on, SF2 was the point where more buttons were needed, and thats where I started to lose interest in gaming for awhile because it was getting to complicated with all the buttons.

    I have to agree with Magenta. The 360 controller is just awesome. It feels great in the hand, all the buttons are in perfect location. It's easily the best controller I've ever used.
  • Controllers make me think about all the old things I used to like.

    Whenever I play Halo 1 on original xbox (I still have a few friends that only play on original), I love using the original xbox controller (not Controller S). The thing fits my hands fine, but it was so gigantic.

    It reminds me of an old Maddox picture:
  • Oh i remember the old xbox controller that thing was huge.
  • Wasn't it nicknamed the DUKE or something?

    It does seem quite large, sort of like Bill gates was compensating. :D

  • Okay Im gonna comment as I watch. Yay they are using Mario Sprites. Nintendo can sue!

    We talk about Controllers! We talk about how BAD they work when they brake. Hand eye action? o.o; they aren't that dumb back then. Factors people? Ya but the Pong dial was quick and lose. Ya no one could agree with the basic controller. 100 Atari controllers! The Nintendo Hardware strategy movement before Nintendo was making THOSE games. Yay Keypad! ......what I can do that....I can watch the TV screen and press 4. 9. and 3. Yay the UNBREAKABLE controller. DK pad! .....What? No I don't think people were lost. Joysticks rule!...but brake easy. THREE Buttons. Six! L and R! Sega six! Street Fighter 6 buttons! Forcing the Sega Six buttons Thingy! Button rev? Lame. Oh god no. Jaguar!?!? N64? Oh right sweet. Analog!...THAT'S A GAMECUBE one not a N64 one. Yes! DreamCast? ....nyan? 20 buttons dinner nobs are lame. Dinner switch is lame. Oh yes the Sony Dule joysticks. nom nom. Rumble Pak! Star Fox 64! Cordless things in the past hardly worked. Wait what happened to more stuff on N64 and Sony? Wavebird already? Sony SixAxis! Oh right teh Wii. Possibility that no one uses right...sigh. First step through Loony Toons trap of hell. Complex! I want the 200 dollar 60 button Capcom Mech controller. I would like the 360 so I can loof on my sofa when I'm sick so I don't need to move around. Blanka punch for teh win!

    Pant pant pant...any questions? XD yes I'm posting this.
  • All I know if the guy in the video that looks like Seth Green, has some real issues saying the word button. He adds like another syllable.


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