Nintendo: We can't compete online RANT!
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    surching round the net and i came acrous this

    Nintendo's Saturo Iwata has noted that if it is possible for Nintendo to do something different in the online arena that plays to their strength then they will do it. However, they will not compete with the exact same services as Sony who have a movie studio and MS who have a whole lot of money.

    In terms of online services, Iwata actually tells Yukari Iwatani Kane at the WSJ, "If we can do something different that plays up our strengths - and broadens what a videogame constitutes - then we might do it. If we have no ideas, we're not going to compete with the exact same services against companies like Sony, which has a movie studio, and Microsoft, which has a lot of money."

    ok let me just get something straght here if they could do something difrent they would hummmm well heres a sergestion get rid of the friend codes! i mean ffs how hard is it to just use usernames and make them universal so you want some one on your "friends list"(witch could be much inproved) enter this massive code o im sorry you wanted to play with them just enter this completley diffrent code(i dont take credit for that sentince i got it from screwatack but it makes a good point) mabby if we added voice chat "im sorry sir did u not see wii comunity chat?" yes i saw it and i thort i dont want to play Animal Crossing but i do want to talk to people throu a headset on SSBB or mairo cart the consol has bluetooth just add the compatablity and shure dont try to compete with ms or sony but put you new found mony to a good use this console is selling so well because of the inavition this dosnt mean we want anouther 10 million controlers id rather have 10 GOOD new games i honstley coudent care less about the movies but what about some thing that hasnt been done yet or hasnt been done well mabby makeing vc games playable online OR FREE i alredy own the games why would i buy them agen anouther thing they (nintendo) seem like there not trying to copy MS and sony and are useing that as an excuse for verious things but what the hell are wii points then and vc its there verstion of XBLA last point on my lap i have open a copie of austrilian gamepro augest/sept 05 and im just looking at some of the things we were promsed such as will play dvds (it dose note that this well not be be straghit out of the box but i prity shure they didnt mean a 3rd party hack)downloadable content for games such as mairo cart(plz corect me if im worng but we havnt had any of that yet) mabby all they need is continus punches to the balls so they know how we feel-im out i need to cool down im going to play some 360 YOW! ps: yes i know my english(gramma and spelling) needs work sorry bout that makes me fell like the guy who did the final screen from ghost busters