what game have Tobin and Yuzo convinced you to buy?
  • Braid.
    I just watch 106 and they single-handedly convinced me to buy it.
    I’ve asked al my friends that have it and none of them nor the demo could get me to pay 1200MP but they did in that little 10 minute clip.
  • I think someone did this post already.

    BTW: Uncharted.
  • o really?
    well i was talking about in the past couple episodes.
  • should this be under games reviews???
  • No it should not. So, I'll kindly ask GoodEnoughForMe to move it when he gets on-line. It belongs in Game Culture.

  • Person 3. I figured any JRPG they like HAS to be amazing.
  • soulbubles ahh the delight

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