Console Wars - Good or Bad
  • As I think every next gen gamer knows there is a raging war going on right now in the video - gaming. That's right the console wars.

    Now I think competition is perfectly fine, it brings more things from each competitor but competition can also bring the worst. Each competitor - Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii - brings something new to the table. The 360's large game library, stunning online features, etc. The PS3's game library, Blue - Ray capacity, Graphics, and the hopefully soon released Home. Lastly the Wii's truly innovating motion gameplay which is simply enough.

    Now I think that console wars brings the best out of the companies making the companies work harder to make better games and features for its respective console.

    Now for the bad. I think this competition brings a true evil that deprives gamers of what playing is all about which is Fun. This evil of which I speak of is Fanboy - ism, I have seen many people's comments all over the internet about how one console is better than another with no reason. I think people who have expressely insulted and bashed other consoles just because with no reason at all are just outrageously stubborn and sometimes plain stupid. One example of an is this person on youtube talked about he he and his friends took a doodoo on a Wii just because he hated that console he gave absolutely no reason. I think people like him are deprived of gaming fun because of the console wars.

    Well i wanna hear what you guys have to say about this subject. See ya

    P.S. I hope you don't think this is a rant i'm just talking about what the console wars have brought that is bad. :?
  • Marketing competition is always good.

    Back in the good ol' days it was Sega Vs Nintendo

    Then Nintendo Vs Playstation


    There will always be extreme competition and always people standing on one side of the line or the other...

    I think people can be a little over-sensitive when "their" console is being bashed. If you ignore the fanboys bashing "your" console, it keeps you from becoming LIKE them.

  • Thanks for the video. :)

    Interesting to see the first console war. :D
  • tacikito said:
    Thanks for the video. :)

    Interesting to see the first console war. :D

    Not exactly the first. The first was the THREE WAY dance between Atari/Intellivision/Colecovision.

    However, to be fair it wasn't really a war, more like a SLAUGHTER. No one ever really doubted Atari's dominance of the market. So, yeah I suppose the first TRUE console war was Nintendo Vs Sega.

  • If we didn't have a console war, and just one main system we'd be stuck with year after year of madden style rehashes. Competition is what's making gaming better for everyone

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