favorite current gen console
  • I voted 360 because of online play
  • I can see this ending badly, but what the hell.

    PS3, mostly because it's what most of my friends have and it's given me some good gaming moments with them. 360 is nice but there's too many retards that plague live, and I've never played a Wii but I imagine it would be nice, easy fun.
  • PC, the forever-gen console. Most people find the upgrading and everything to be strenuous and expensive. For me, its a passionate hobby and I love every minute of it.
  • hell, I didn't know PC was an option, ok then, stuff the consoles, PC rules above all!!!
  • not encluding pc
  • i choose the PC over a console any day, too bad not many good PC game out these days :P
  • Xbox 360 for online and ton of great games!
  • Note - I edited the title to make it more accurate. The current generation of consoles isn't really yhe NEXT generation any longer.

    For my choice I went with the 360. I haven't played the PS3, although I do intend to get one, and I have played and owned the Wii and it was OK< but it left me wanting for lack of games that interested me.

    The 360, most notably LIVE has just offered a ton of excellent gaming and fun for me since I got it.

  • Well I went with PS3 (it's the only one I own but I've played the others) although the games are a little lacking at times I'am having a good time with the other media it offers, it's actually my main access to the internet since the computer is shared with my grandpa.
  • I went with ps3, right now its the only one I own, I think eventually I'll get a wii, but probably not an xbox

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