do you like the wii?
  • do you think the wii is as good as the ps3 or 360?
    personly I think it has great patenchel but not enough games.
  • You need to edit this and add more to your original post. Such as what you voted and why. Otherwise, I will have to lock this as a hate topic.

  • Needs more options
  • I had a Wii and I sold it. Personally I don't like the system. I feel that there are a lot of good games on the Wii that would benefit from making the move from Wii to the 360. I find the motion sensing to be fun for maybe 30 minutes of play but I would much prefer to use the 360 controller. Can you just imagine how good Brawl would have been on 360? Working online, amazing controller and HD. I respect what Nintendo is trying to do with the wii and bring in the casual gamers, but I'm not a casual gamer. It's has strengths which make it appeal to the casual crowd but to me I just see weaknesses.
  • So I slept outside of bestbuy for the wii at launch...I thought it was going to be such an awesome console! Come on it has Zelda at launch Mario to follow later in the year( at least that’s what they said.)

    Now it is what 2 years later, there’s shit of games to play anymore. I liked the wii at the start but now I am looking to buy a 360. I will still keep the wii around because there are a few games still that I like to play but.. Overall I gotta say I don't like the wii. It sucks to admit it but it just does not cut it for me anymore.
  • Never played one so can't vote, the only games that look appealing to be are RE4 port, SM Galaxy, Metriod prime
  • I like it when I play games, there are no games..

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