Sarcastic Gamer Vs Wii Music
  • This is a FANTASTIC parody trailer for Wii Music...

    I think it shows the ever-growing distaste of quite a few people towards Nintendo's recent changes in marketing and direction.

  • really funny im going to play super mario bros every way possible
  • Hardcore games alergic to elevator type music soo true. This video is spot on I've had enough of this causal crap.
  • They did one for Wii Fit as well. I think this one is even funnier...

    Once again...pretty spot on.

  • Lol "Step up on the white thing game."
  • I really hope that Wii Music does absolutely shitty, so that Nintendo might actually get a wake up call and realize that there's a limit to the amount of stupid shit they can put out.

    Even the most die-hard Nintendo fans are beginning to agree that Wii Music will be nothing more than a piece of trash. Now it's up to the soccer moms with Wiis to realize to the truth and spare their children the punishment of having to play Wii Music.
  • pocketmego strikes again with some awesome videos. I love it :)


    image Peace out, yow!
  • rofl nice
  • this reminds of mega 64's e3 day 2 video
  • MixedUpzombies said:
    this reminds of mega 64's e3 day 2 video

    That's awesome Zombie...


  • just brilliant

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