Gaming for kids charity
  • ok so guys at the moment there are these guys on blogtv who are playing games for a marathon to raise money for sick children in hospitals

    basiclly they are gaming for 56 hours to raise money for charity

    now there are prizes and such to win all you have to do is either digg them on or donate to them

    heres a list of prizes and the link to watch them play for charity

    12" Steel Spartan Statue

    We're also giving away tons of media!
    South Park Season 11 (DVD)
    Lost Planet (360)
    Orange Box (360)
    Cloverfield Exclusive Edition (DVD)
    Never Back Down (DVD)
    Street Kings (DVD)
    Starship Troopers 3 (DVD)
    Prom Night (DVD)
    The Bank Job (DVD)

    Need something to wear? We're giving away t-shirts too!
    COD4 T-shirt
    GTA4 T-shirt
    Halo3 T-shirt

    And finally we're also giving away Xbox 360 swag:
    Gears of War Xbox 360 Faceplate
    Xbox Live 1600 Point Card
    3 other lucky winners will get (1) Month Xbox Live Gold subscription codes -- link to watch them play
  • This stuff happens every weekend lol. I'm donating to Child's Play by attending PAX. :-P

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