What is the most important aspect of a game?
  • What do you think is the most important part of a game. For me the top three would have to be game-play, story and re-playability.
    I think you can still have a great game even if it has a crappy story so for me gameplay comes first.

    What do you think?
  • gameplay, whats the point af a game that has a amazing story, looks realistic and has amazing graphics, if its not fun to play.
  • I generally want things like freedom to leave "the path" and to things that are fun. If a game forces you to do something a certain way it's not any better than Super Mario. These kinds of things generally adds to the re-play element since you can always do something a bit different each time.
  • I say the game needs to have good controls first. I've dropped a lot of great games simply because they felt "fluffy". I stopped liking all the Guitar Hero games after I played Rock Band simply because I found RB seemed like I was actually hitting the notes dead on, else I'd miss. In GH it felt like I didn't have to hit the note dead on, but if I hit 2 notes the same way, I could miss the second while getting the first.
  • its all about the game play
  • A game needs more than just one of these elements to be considered a good game; rarely does a title get by on one alone.
  • Gameplay, easily. Story doesn't mean anything to me. I don't think I've played a game with a good story, but they all have good gameplay and I've loved them. Who the hell plays Mario for the story?
  • if i had choose i would say that it would be the gameplay but all of these topics need to work togethor to make a FUCKING OUTSTANDING GAME
  • Story, personally. Its rare to find a game with a good story, but bad game-play. And even so, if the story is good enough, ill plough through the game just to hear it.
  • The game needs to last. I want a game that takes me more than a week to beat.
  • Gameplay is the important to me i the game isn't fun then i probably wont like playing it.
  • has to a bit of all at least because not every game need multiplayer but gameplay is a must your not going to have a great story for example lets say lord of the rings he story is amazing but if your just pressing 3 buttons its not fun so gameplay the most
  • Gameplay is definitely the most important aspect of gaming, but in order of importance (to me) it'd have to be

    Game-play+Replayability, I bunch these two together because, if a game has good gameplay, it WILL keep you coming back to it
    Graphics+Art Direction
  • if you would of asked me this 3+ years ago it would of been gameplay easy but now I am finding that multiplayer is taking up more and more of my decision making, gameplay is still the most important but I just can't justify buying a game that is only single player unless it has a story like mass effect or length like mass effect, the one exception of this being portal :D but If multiplayer is good enough then I can ignore shabby single player. Great thread btw :wink:
  • whats the point of having all of those qualities in a game if there is no good gameplay?
  • yeah but you have to have both not just gameplay when you just focus on gameplay you get games like assasins creed, All Pro Football and Wii Sports, great gameplay but no substance.
  • I picked other... for Controls. If a game fucks up the controls it doesn't matter how great it is I won't play it.

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