Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (Movie)
  • I knew they were working on this, but I hadn't realized a cast had been chosen or production had gotten so far into it...

    It's hard to say a lot right now, other than Kristin Kreuk is, as always, ROASTIN' HOT.

    She looks good with the Chun-Li hair and the outfit in the few shots we see her in it.

    But, I'm wondering if their might be the SLIMMEST possibility that this could be a decent movie?

    It would be REALLY hard for it to be WORSE than Street Fighter: the Movie.

    What do you all think?

  • any word if there will be someone cast as cammy? :D I think its too early to tell if it'll be a suckfest, but the casting looks decent I suppose.
  • I was taken back by the movie when I first heard the title, you would think they would make the movie about Ryu because he's the poster boy of the series. It's too soon to determine what the movie will be like, there's no trailers and even then trailers always lie to make the movie look better. At least they are focusing on a select few characters it seems, rather then trying to fit them all into one movie.
  • I have heard a few scattered rumors that the movie is a prequel to Street Fighter 2 (the game).

    From the title, it is also easy to surmise that if this is successful we could see a whole series of single character Street Fighter movies.

  • lone told me this a month ago or so it sounds like crap but compared to me illegally dling the speed razor movie and when it comes out hte dbz rl movie i think ill actually cough up cash for this one
  • won't be worse than Street Fighter: The Movie, but then again it's not like that'll be hard to do.

    Anyways, I don't expect it to be very good. Decent at best, but I won't hold my breath. :?
  • Images of the sets and characters have been floating around for quite a long time now, haven't really paid it much attention. I think the main focus is upon Chun Li and her pops getting killed by Bison and wanting revenge. I'd have loved for them to have made another anime film, the others are awesome.
  • Wow Robin Shou Looks to have aged since his Mortal Kombat film days but then again they were filmed in the early 90s He looks good as Gen though

    I think this film will have the Spiderman effect were people who have heard of Street Fighter but not major fans will like the film but people who love the Street Fighters will hate it as it will show things that happened diffferently and contain things that never happened in Chun-Lis history

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