• Starting a Gaming Culture Topic 101

    [center]Examples of good threads in this forum:
    Why do gamer girls get treated so shitty?
    The First 32 Bit Gaming Console
    Sex in Video Games (Mass Effect Scene)
    20/20 Nuts for Nintendo
    Why the Success of Final Fantasy VII may never again happen
    The Gigabyte Generation - Game Sizes and You
    If you had to design your own game


    What makes these topics so good
    The discussion they bring. Some didn't get off the ground, but they all bought about questions which some people grabbed to. You may think "Why are these so much better then others?" Original for the time they were posted, and basically wasn't crap.

    What is a bad post then?
    Linking to topics here would be bad. Bad topics are those that just link videos. Yes, you see PocketMego do it, but with his 1 line of text, he achieved everything 2 paragraphs could. This was before the rule of not just linking videos, you have to offer up discussion to go with said video.

    [center]Things that make your post BAD:
    -Being un-original
    -Just linking a video
    -Posting 2 sentences that offer no base to start discussion
    -Not making your point clear
    -Venting a story that has no relevance
    -Posting up a wall of text which is hard to follow
    -Not writing in proper English
    -Not keeping to the one topic
    -Letting bias overcome a valid opinion
    -Starting with flaming the certain thing you want to discuss
    -Using bad grammar/spelling
    -Doing any of the above and using a bad topic

    How to make your thread good:
    STOP BEFORE POSTING. No, seriously stop. THINK about what you are posting about. You have an idea. You want to get discussion going on it. Plan out something to say about it. Try to stick to 3 paragraphs.

    Paragraph one: Intro your topic. Link to other sources to help provide explanation.
    Paragraph two: Bring out your opinion.
    Paragraph three: Place forward questions you want people to talk about.

    Obviously, some topics won't fit to this structure, and it is just a guideline.

    Also, make sure no one has posted the same topic. There is a search function located here. Please, for the love of gaming, use it OR use google!.
    Your topic will be merged with the previous topic, but it breaks the flow of discussion in both topics. We don't need 3 identical topics. It splits up input, lessens discussion, causes confusion to new people and gives the mods extra work to do.

    PREVIEW, PREVIEW, PREVIEW! You made a nice post. Now read over it. Fix up spelling errors, clarify things, and make sure it makes sense. If it doesn't make sense to you, it won't make sense to everyone else.

    To get better discussions going! Also, to get your name out there as a good member. If you follow those steps, you will soon be rolling in the noobies. Some of these topics were made by those people who are now moderators for these forums! See where good topics can take you?

    Questions? Advice?
    PM The current coordinators of this forum: Eidelon, monochromaticx, RichtheChef
  • And Tsu, this is what we are talking about when we say do something about it. This is a positive post with the goal of moving in the right direction. It shows a few threads as good examples, it explains what you think makes bad posts (and for the most part I agree). I think this deserves a sticky, and I applaud you for this.

    I'll see about updating the Wiki with most of this info and link it in my sig. A very nice contribution and it makes me think that the discussion in that other thread didn't fall on deaf ears. +1 for you.

    EDIT: Jesus you went back to the days of Flint. I don't particularly think that was a shining gem of a thread with him in it, but the others are great examples that I easily concur with.
  • I went back to the good old days, well, all bar one.

    It was starting as a GC/ND only, but it really applies everywhere.
  • Nice overview Tsu! I think this would make an awesome starter page for how to contribute to the forums -- let me know if you need any help Quahgg. I'm also giving this a sticky for a while.


    If you haven't read the general rules, please do so now.


    Gaming Culture is the board for discussing gaming as a whole. Talk about events and gaming as a whole, as well as ask people about their favourite things in games.


    • # Gaming essays and studies and talk about them. Something you've written yourself or something more professional, talk about it here.
      # Talking about gaming as a whole, the companies who make the games, and how they've changed over the years.
      # Discussion of gaming videos - musical, entertaining or funny, give us your thoughts and opinions, and maybe teach people something new.
      # Gaming polls - "what's your favourite FPS?", "What are your top 10 games?" and similar topics. For asking about what game or console to buy, check the Help! forum.
      # Discussion of gaming conventions like E3, PAX or the Tokyo Game Show.


    • # Talking about a single game. Please check Games Discussion to see if there's a topic for it. If not, make one there!
      # Similarly, posting trailers and gameplay videos for a particular game. Post these in the relevant Games Discussion thread.
      # Talking about a game, console or company announcement. Please post things like that in Gaming News.
      # Asking what game or console to buy. Topics like that should go in Help.
      # Asking what game or console is "better". Nothing is "better" than anything else, so try and phrase the question as which you prefer. :)


    Tsuyoi's first post in this topic explains what makes a really great Gaming Culture topic. Some simple tips to use, though:

    • # Make sure your topic isn't being talked about already. Use the search box at the top of the board to check for existing topics.
      # Don't assume that your viewpoint is correct. Just because you hate something doesn't automatically make it bad. :)
      # When asking people's opinions, give your own too. This helps people know what you're asking, and helps start conversation.
      # If linking a video, make sure to describe it and give your thoughts.
      # Check Tsuyoi's post above for some examples of good topics and read them. Learn from what they do right and make your topic better.


    If you have an issue you wish to raise or a post you wish to bring to the attention of the staff, please contact Pocketmego as Board Moderator by sending him a PM.
  • Just a bump and update. Cleared up the topic, made it look nicer. Also, with the changing that has been going on just bring peoples attention back to what goes here.
  • Many thanks, Tsuyoi. I gave it a little lookover and fixed a few typos, but the rewrite (and link naming) is very very nice of you to do.
  • I know I'm a bit late to the party Tsu, but I threw a Noobie at you for this.

    It's going to save me a ton of work. :D

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