PAX t-Shirts!
  • I just got my PAX shirt.


    And it gets better.

    Here's the back

  • sweet man how many did you get?
  • MBG DIESEL said:
    sweet man how many did you get?

    Just one.

    Both pics are one shirt.

    My Name is on the back.
  • thats fucking awsome. Wish I could go.
  • Awesome customization tophat! That reminds me, I still need to order one for myself :)

  • I got mine today, but sadly i forgot to put my name on the back, but whatever i still got me one, i'm happy.
  • Damn and blast, that's brilliant.

    Yuzo and I already ordered ours, but in retrospect I wish we'd put Host on the back or something. Sweet shirt man!
  • I thought about getting one, even though I will be stuck home this PAX. Maybe wear it next year, haha. '08 at '09.
  • I see your shirt Tophat and I raise you this!


    and THIS!!!!!!


    I hope to collect as many signatures on this shirt as possible.
  • Was it Williams or Williamson? I can't even remember and I said it... I'm an idiot.

    Gameshark's shirt puts all others to shame. And so does his wicked mustache!
  • Here's what mine WOULD have looked like...

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