Staying power for self-help games
  • There have been quite a few games in the last several years aimed at improving the body, the mind, or both; Brain Age 1&2, Big Brain Academy, Flash Focus, and most recently, Wii Fit.

    What I wonder is, how long do people usually stick with these games? It's not whether they do any good or not, that dead horse has already been beaten. How much discipline and stick-to-it-iveness do we actually apply to the effort. I know that I stuck with Brain Age for the ~60 days that I needed to make it down to 21 from my original 65. I haven't played since. I'm using Wii Fit religiously but I have doubts about how long I'll keep it up when/if I make it to my first goal.

    How about all of you others in the noobtoob army? Do you stick with these games or get distracted by the next new shiny thing?
  • I stay away from those games. What junky generic minigames are for the Wii are Brain-Age games for the DS. They are all just a gimick if you ask me.

    I played varsity sports in highschool. I know how to get in shape and how to stay fit. I have better things to spend my money on.