Not able to go to PAX - Free Pass :)
  • Im not able to go to PAX this year and I even have my 3 day pass with me as we speak. It's disappointing too :cry: . The truth is Airline tickets are just brutal now and I have a family to support as well as other bills. It's mostly my fault as I registered early for PAX but not for airline and hotel when I had the money.

    So rather than let this pass go to waste listen up:

    Im looking to give this away but I really want to do something like a quick contest. If you guys have any Idea or if you can pass the idea to Yuzo and Tobin to promote i'll be happy to give it up but I want to be fair for anyone interested so it has to be given away through some sort of contest. Let me know your ideas, thanks.

    "Yow" :cry: