The Commodore Amiga
  • Following the exodus of Jack Tramiel and during the lifespan of the C64. It was a harbinger of 16bit and 32 bit gaming to come. Although as you will see here, no one was quite sure if the system would be used for games or business when it came out...

    Of course it was to eventually go on to be more of a games machine than anything, as it never attained quite the universal acceptance as the PC and MAC. Many of it's greatest games would go on to be big on multiple game systems beyond the life span of all the Amigas. Games that would show up on the Genesis, SNES, Jaguar, and Playstation. In fact games like Sensible Soccer which started on the Amiga are even showing up in newer versions on the 360 and PS3.

    And here is a little montage of Amiga games from the very computer being demonstrated. Now by today's standards these aren't all that impressive. But, keep in mind that many of these games came out when most people were still in the NES and Sega Master System era of consoles. No one had ever seen anything like what this computer was capable of and like I said before, you'll notice many games that would make their way to the Genesis and SNES.

    In the end the Amiga series of computers is very important in terms of modern gaming. They were a bridge between the 8 bit era and the 16 bit era and set up for all future generations of gaming to follow. Many of the kinds of games created on those machines would not see popularity on consoles for a full decade after the Amiga 500 was introduced.

    I'd say this branch of the Commodore legacy is often overlooked, but should never EVER be forgotten completely.

  • Ahh the Amiga.... the system that got me into gaming.

    My dad still has his Amiga 4000.... with a ton of Amiga games in the closet

    I've played almost all of those games in the montage on my Amiga =p
  • Wow that first video is old with it introducing the concept of a mouse >_> and how such mundane things of today were amazing back then. I'm glad I was only a baby at the time. WTF was the "Heavy man" all about when he was playing Clapton/C.R.E.A.M...

    I've had little experience with the amiga, I played the Amiga CD round a friends house a few times back in the 90s and another friend had a 4000 (think it was the 4000) but we didn't play at the time of release, he had it in his wardrobe and we pulled it out one day. He eventually let me have it as he didn't use it although I no longer have it. I remember playing Superfrog, Cyber Punks and Turrican.
  • I had an Amiga 1000 no hard drive. Some of my fondest gaming memories are on that computer. Earl Weaver Baseball, Defender of the Crown, King of Chicago. The graphics on this machine were way ahead of its time.

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