Vectrex - The Future Was Then!
  • Seeing Geometry Wars 2 doing so well and getting all kinds of favorable reviews (and deservedly so) reminds me that Vector graphic games will never really go out of style. It was a graphics display style that was so far ahead of it's time that it may well be timeless.

    But, did you know that a home console based entirely around Vector Graphics based gaming once existed?


    Originally it was going to be called Vector-X but the company that made it decided to shorten it to simply Vectrex and it came out at the tail end of the first home gaming era, just prior to the CRASH.

    It was little known and little seen. I knew NO one who owned one and I didn't even know the thing existed until I became a Retro-Gamer.

    But, I have had the opportunity to play the games on it and I have to say that it's original library of games holds up extremely well and the homebrew stuff being done now is positively fantastic.

    When you compare the graphics on the 9 inch Vectrex screen vs Home Consoles of the era there was little comparison. But, I am pretty sure the lack of color on the Vectrex is what caused it to fail against the more famous home consoles.

    But, having moved well past that era and realizing that color is not the end all be all in a game, I think everyone should check out the Vectrex, even if only in emulation. It is so worth the time.

  • God I love the fact that so many of these videos have _terrible_ VHS tape fuzz. You know they grabbed them off tapes that were recording Different Strokes or something like that.

    I was _so_ jealous of my friend who owned a vectrex. He never had to worry about bumping his brother off the TV to play.

  • The portability of the system really did push it ahead of its time as well. I bet had it come out either earlier or later than it did, it might have made a major impact on home gaming instead of being a footnote.

    I found a nice compilation video of the various games for the system, including scenes of games played with the color overlays that came with them.


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