Jobs in the gaming indsutry
  • I was just looking through EA's wiki and noticed that their subsidiary, Pandemic Studios, are based in Brisbane, Australia (my current loc). These guys are behind Full Spectrum Warrior, Destroy All humans (not my fave), and Dar Reign (old school).

    Plus, they are hiring producers, artists, designers and programmers. But as I am a Financial Advisor, I was hoping someone could explain the difference or provide a link. I am not considering a career change but I am curious.

    Cheers :)
  • Answering my own question. Full link is but below are some introductions. Hopefuly this is of interest to some of you out there as it was for me :)

    Career Paths
    The first thing you should know is just how diverse a game team is. So we've put together this impressive list of Career Paths, grouped by category. Of course, these paths are not the only ones but should certainly give you an idea of some of the challenging and rewarding options!

    Get ready for the game audio revolution. It's been a truism for years that game audio is neglected, overlooked, underbudgeted, and otherwise given a short shrift. With the most recent wave of gaming platforms, audio capabilities are more closely matching visual power, allowing for improved sonic standards that we've long enjoyed in other media. Game audio is an exiting and underexplored field ripe for new talent.

    Ah, game designer. Quite possibly the industry's most desired and most misunderstood role. Being a designer is not about sitting around thinking up cool ideas and getting paid. But just what is it about, then? As game genres expand and diversify, the designer's role is becoming ever more specialized. From level architecture to fiction writing, we’ll fill you in on the basic elements.

    Producer is one of the most difficult roles to describe accurately, because there are at least as many definitions of "Producer" as there are game companies. At the core, the Producer simultaneously leads and supports the project. It's a difficult role with some big challenges and even bigger rewards, if you're prepared to lead. Along with producers, game testers ensure the quality of the games, and are vital to getting the product shipped.


    When you think of game developers, chances are good you think of a programmer. No surprise there, since code is the core stuff of games. But long gone are the days when a single programmer created an entire game, from code to music and everything between. In fact, no single programmer could write just the code for today's typical commercial game. Specialization is the way of this maturing industry, and you'll want to prepare in advance for your chosen specialty.

    Visual Arts
    Looking for a great way to put your digital art skills to use? You've come to the right place. Along with the film industry, the games industry is one of the fastest growing places to build your career as an artist. Traditional hand skills and digital know-how are both in demand. Artists who want challenging creative work that's fast-paced, collaborative, and fun, should check here first.

    Biz & Misc.
    If you love games but are looking for a more traditional business career, you can have it both ways! Game developers and publishers always need talented administrators, “money people,” and support staff.