PAX for the East Cost!
  • *East CoAst* lol

    And I don't know what to feel about this, it may take away from the original event if there's two.

  • i may want to go to this
  • i would save about 400 quid by going to this one istead
  • I agree with Demi. If this takes away from the original PAX at all, it's a bad idea.
  • the whole idea behind pax is to get people from all over the world who love games in ONE place...having two or even three (which they hinted at) PAX's around the world would make it not as special.
  • but not every gamer can get to sandiego for comic con seattle for pax so if you bring them closer than more people can attend it i forsure will go to the one in new york for the sake of going to new york and going to pax
  • I am fine with there being 2 PAX, yet i am afraid that this will take away from Seattle PAX, With 2 PAX's you may split the company's, band's, and Panel's attending.
    Another question I have is will the 2 PAX be on the same date or will they split the 2 PAX to be on different days?
  • I'm glad to hear PAX is coming to the east coast because it gives me more of a reason to go.
  • ArenaNet will always be at the West Coast PAX, so fuck the rest~
  • MBG DIESEL said:
    but not every gamer can get to sandiego for comic con seattle for pax so if you bring them closer than more people can attend it i forsure will go to the one in new york for the sake of going to new york and going to pax

    To be completely honest,

    anybody that can't go to the West Coast, probably can't go to the East Coast one either.

    The main reasons people can't go are:

    1. Cost.

    2. Too young.

    3. Too busy.

    All three of those are the same for both events. The cost of a flight to Washington or New York isn't going to be much different, and hotel prices are probably MORE expensive in New York. If you are too young to go or don't have permission from your parents, it being in New York will probably be WORSE of a deterrent for your parents to let you (and by 2010 you may be able to just go to WA on your own), and three...if you are too busy...what do you think East Coast PAX is going to do to settle that? I'm sure it will be at a different time, but if you can't take vacation days to go or you're in school...more than likely that won't change.

    People are more than willing to say, " that's its on the East Coast I'm interested"...but that statement should only apply if you are within like 2-3 hours of New York...anything outside of should just pay for a plane ticket to PAX.

    PAX had an opportunity to replace E3, but make it for the they are spreading it out into a Comic-Con type situation where they have the retarded cousin "New York Comic-Con" that most of the true Comic-Con goers don't care about.

    This totally divides the PAX attendees. One of the glorious things about PAX is that so many people from so many different places are coming to one central location. That will probably still happen, because West Coast PAX will always be the homeland and true PAX fans will probably try and go to both..but its meh to me.

    Musical Guests, exhibitors, etc...will they be the exact same or will they try and "divide them up" to make some variety between the two (in which case you'd be hurting the original PAX).
  • but for me i can make it a day or two down there since its not that far of a ride from here to buffalo or even new york maybe 5 hour at the most drive and i kbow people would want to come with me to hang around new york and go to pax too
  • For what it's worth, having separate comic-cons (and wonder con here in SF), did _nothing_ to dampen the awesomeness that is the San Diego comic con. They sold out of tickets weeks before the event and had something like 120K people show up. If anything, the mini-cons made a lot of people's appetite bigger for the real one even more since they couldn't get enough.

    So I wouldn't really think it's going to be the end of West Coast PAX -- just a chance for more folks to get together and play games, which is never a bad thing.

  • ...why not have it under diffrent days? You could have 4 paxes for the 4Q thing or something. I don't know heh.
  • The company my dad works for is "running the logistics of the expo." Damn, though, because it doesn't seem like many NoobToobers are going to be going to this one.
  • I'm definitely 5000% more likely to go to this one, since it will cost me a hell of a lot less (and I can drive there rather than take a plane). You guys can be as negative as you want, I'm glad it's happening and will expect to have tons of fun there.
  • i also like the east coast idea because, like others who live on the east side, i can drive there and not have to pay for and deal with airlines.

    secondly, most of my family is scattered along the east coast, so i can go to NYC and not have to pay for hotels.

    yet, i agree with yuzo, it would make me want to go to the "real" pax even more.
  • 2010 PAX, here I come!

    However, as long as my schedule allows it, I plan on making it out to the West Coast PAX next year.
    I'm already booked up for the dates of this years' even, but I'll plan ahead earlier next year.
  • I'll be 15 or 16 when the East Coast PAX comes. We'll see how many NoobToobers are going when the show comes, and I may even be able to go myself.
  • They really need some type of big gaming convention for the east coast. I think they should have it somewhere around DC. I know they have other types of big conventions so there is defiantly the ability to do it. Plus I could easily go.

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