Noobtoob Machinima???
  • I'll leave Peter to reply to you.

    I think Peter wants to film it himself.
  • i think this is a tight ass idea i can't wait for the results^_^
  • FANTASTIC IDEA!. heck if you need a writer im here with an A level and fancy myself as abit of a comedic writer.

    anyone wana get back to me . im up for anything really.
  • I suggest anyone who wants to do scripts right some shorts so exmass can finish his work
  • MixedUpzombies said:
    I suggest anyone who wants to do scripts right some shorts so exmass can finish his work

    Yer good idea more variety in comedy.
  • I would prefer it if I filmed the series. But the idea of sending shorts to Exmas is great. The variety in comedy will make the series much more community oriented.
  • well whats the series like and iLl benice and do machima shorts
  • Yeah, guys. If you have any ideas, write a short script (5-10 pages) and send it to my email ( and if the quality is good, I'll see if I can write some of the jokes into the main screenplay.
  • i'll edit..if you don't mind..
  • I say we do it off of COD4 or FL for 360 since we would have a good feel of military style around..considering COD4 and FL are military shooters. But hey if u guys want to do a TF2 one sure I wont b able to participate cuz I only rented orange box but yea. THIS WILL B AWESOME!!!!
  • ok, so how about htis for an idea. we could sorta make it a feature. Some of us write a script with games of their choosing, then we submit them to xmas and he doese a poll in which the whole of noobtoob can vote in to choose who wins for that ep...only an idea but what do you guys think?
  • I think we should wait for the first script from Exmass for right now
    To get andidea where we are going
  • Please do that. I feel like I'm having to answer the saemquestions over and over. So I'm going to create a new thread (having asked a moderator and gotten his approval), with new information and the answers to questions that have been asked. Because I feel that, right now, any meaningful posts have been lost in the 12 pages.

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