Noobtoob Machinima???
  • Okay, while we're working on the plot and everything I'm noting everyone who is participating. Just post the position you want, if there are spots available. You can sign up for more than one position, of course.

    The machinima is going to be filmed in the PC version of Team Fortress 2.



    Head Writer

    Possible Voice Actors
    Jam Enslaver
    [Positions Available!]

    Puppeteers(In-Game Actors)
    XI PAR15H IX (Maybe)
    Jam Enslaver
    iCEMAN (?)
    [Positions Available!]

    *Please note, if you want to be a voice-actor. Please send an MP3 file to [email][/email] Doesnt have to be anything fancy, just so that we can get an idea of your vocal range, as well as mic quality.
  • Any position you want to give me would be the awesome thing ever
  • VGmasterpeter said:

    Editor Extraordiner.
  • I'll be a Voice actor.
  • i might be a puppeteer but id need to no how soon were going to do this
  • please let me do something on this :cry:
  • XI PAR15H IX said:
    i might be a puppeteer but id need to no how soon were going to do this

    Well, considering I have my hands full with another project. We also need to think of a solid plot, plus time for me to write a Screenplay, I wouldnt expect to see the project going into filming until around April.
  • I'll be a voice actor..but i dont have the game :)
  • i have an idea for a plot but it depends on how your going to make this on if is sims then you can have tobin and yuzo getting into the noobtoob studio than they do a little discussion on how the show is going to run so they get ready and then the studio gets calls from noobtoobers ( can place voice call ins with participants ) and they start to get pissed off because a bunch of calls kept calling in and they can run the show so they disconnect the phone( at this time maybe plug an actualy episode into this part and just make the people move) then after the episode you have tobin and yuzo cleaning up talking about how fun this episode was and just have a noobtoob party and you see a bunch of people walk in and drink box wine and dance dance revolution
  • Re-read the previous posts, we've already decided it's going to be filmed in Team Fortress 2.
  • I've decided I'll be a voice actor unless you think my voice sucks then I'll be a puppeter
  • then iono what you want becuase its not like you guys can customize people to make them look like tobin and yuzo
  • dont have to look like tobin and yuzo. they could just use their voices.
  • that is true
  • I'm up for some voice acting.

    If you're short handed, I'd like to try puppeteering too.
  • I can do some voice acting if there's room for me. I've got a decent mic and you can check out my voice on my YouTube profile in my sig. My brother has Orange Box and the full version of Fraps.
  • I could lend my (Awesome Voice) Also.
  • SWEET british people can make anything sound awsome
  • I'll be a voice actor

  • This should be our end theme song
  • ExmasCarroll said:
    Um... No?

    To what. Zombie's Vid. Or me being a voice actor
  • Zombies video..
  • i'll also be a VA.
  • people should all get a sample of their voice and let exmas pick... he knows the roles and personalities afterall

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