What games have tobin or yuzo influenced you to buy
  • well the subject title of this tread is quite self explanitory but ill explain any way

    What games have tobin or yuzo influenced you to buy that you would not of considered buying before

    there are two games that i would not of bought if it wasnt for tobin ravin on about them

    the first one is uncharted

    i would never of bought this game if it wasnt for tobin as i though it would just be man-raider (pun on the word tomb-raider :wink:) but tobin convinced me as he just basically licks its arse to fuk so i fort its gotta be gd and i bought it and i love it

    the second one is ratchet

    i bought this game for the same reasons and its alryt but its not like WOAH!!!!! i fort it would of bin better
  • I'm considering getting boom blox, but they haven't convinced me so far. I'll probably get it round christmas time.
  • Crisis Core and Chains of Olympus only because they hate the PSP so much but liked these games so i though they must good
  • None really. but they have influenced my gaming allot. I disagree with them on warhawk.
  • Ratchet and Clank for the PS3, Professor Layton for the DS & and SinsOtSE for the PC
  • Nothing yet. I'm always pretty hard set on what I do and don't want before it even comes out. Then their videos are approximately a week late, so if anything would be able to convince me to buy a game, it would have already happened.

    I don't even think they've convinced me to rent anything......still I love their show and hearing their opinions on games.
  • They havent really made me buy anything. As a matter of fact, i bought a PS3 a couple of days ago and the first thing i bought(or acctually it came with it)was MGS4 and Tobin and Yuzo dident like it for the cut sceens but i was a fanboy of the game ever since MGS2 so i dident mind. lol

    But they did make me look up then right after love the game
    Example:Spore 2.
  • Erm i cnt really think of any... but I remember watching an episode and then going out and looking at one of the games they talked about and buy it pre-owned or something.

    They have inspired me to buy DIablo 3 when its out :D:D
  • The World Ends With You and Okami.

    EDIT: And they have made me excited about Diablo 3!!!!
  • They got me to rent okami on the wii because I know how to get over bad controls. Not exactly my type of game but its well done and worth trying.
  • A DS and Professor Layton and Zelda to start out, Boom Blox for the wii...thats all i can think of right now lol
  • Well from one of the more recent episodes i am very interested in getting fable 2 which i wouldn't have even thought of before xD And Prince of Persia looks great also!
  • Professor Layton for the DS, Boom Blox for the Wii. Chains of Olympus for the PSP.
  • Uncharted.
    Not as good as Tobin says, but it is a very good game.
  • The only game they really influenced me to purchase/try out was Professor Layton. Other than that, most games they talk about I already have an opinion on and while it's still cool to hear what they feel about a game I know their taste in games and perspective as a whole is just very different than mine.
  • They have influenced me NOT to buy games, but to rent them instead. But I think I get influenced by the community most - what people on the boards are playing. Been a member of the forum for quite some time now and have an idea of who has similar tastes to me, so listen to what they say.

    My tastes are an amalgimation (sp?) of tobins and yuzos - some weeks i feel myself agreeing with Tobin, other weeks I agree with Yuzo.
  • I bought The world ends with you, super mario galaxy and Crisis Core

    they also help steer me away from a lot of rubbish games which helps a lot. They both like the sort of games I do and so I know that if they get bored from an hour or so, so will I. I have saved a lot of money thanks to Yuzo and Tobin. Although sometimes I do disagree with some of their reviews like Rogue Galaxy.
  • Hmm, Yuzo influenced me to try to purchase Cake Mania 2 on the DS :)
  • mokowa said:
    Hmm, Yuzo influenced me to try to purchase Cake Mania 2 on the DS :)

    Yes! Another convert to the glory that is CM2!

  • wow, alot really, of the top of my head they influenced my 360 and games like layton and world ends with you along with alot more

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