Where did you get your nickname/username?
  • wassup guys. In my days of gaming ive seen alot of crazy,unusual,and funny
    names and gamertags on forums and xboxlive.
    im just wondering where you got your nickname or username from.
    My name come from a tv show called wondershowzen.
    If you want to tell a story about how your name started,post a reply.
  • mines from the band Killswitch Engage. I don't really liek them that much but i thought the name was cool :P

    The other one i use alot is Hellspawn. It was my first "username" ever back when i played Halo 1 with a bunch of friends over LAN.
  • a Pokemon
  • My friend used bub in his usernames for stuff, and I like it. I like the number 4, so I put four 4s after.
  • My then girlfriend, now wife was playing the horrible game "Land Of The Dead" when she lit a zombie on fire with a bomb. One of my roommates decided to make an impromptu song about this new "Firezombie". All 5 of us then started singing along and the song became a staple anytime a zombie game was turned on.

    The name became a theme of sorts for our apartment. People would say "Hey, are you gonna go over to the FireZombie's later?"

    It started as a joke and just stuck.
  • leet world , YEAH!!!
  • Back when I played graal online someone made up this nickname for me...out of random. Ever since then I have used it cause i'm not very creative, i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who uses it.
  • Ask my buddy over
  • Whenever someone asks this I always respond the same...


    Get it...

    Pocket Mego!

  • Memories from old Mario Karts + best Mario Galaxy character. =D
  • My name is just my name shortened with numbers on the end(i wanted a space between the J and the C but Sony wont let you so i had to settle with am underscore)
    i originally wanted a different name but for some reason Sony wouldnt accept which i still dont understand why not
  • In english class i got bored and was fliping thru the "Oxford" dictionary, and i saw Divine. I kept reading and then saw Divine Retribution. I liked it and the definition kinda fit. So i just put the words together. Thats how DivineRetribution was born.

    ".DR is a supernatural punishment "...nuff said ^^.
  • Well, my XBL name comes mostly from my older brother's name on socom 2-4(HondaKiller) on the PS2. So when i first got my name i dident want it. I wanted the gamer tag: Gamer5, but it wasent availible so i had this werid name called: RepaidGamer5(I know its shity :roll: )

    But then i got into a clan not too later named TGR on Gears of War. So then i had to change my name to put my clan tag in there. So one i got the money and microsoft points i changed it to HondaKiller2TGR which is my presnt day name.

    P.S-I went through 4 names through out 2 years. lol
  • i was on my computer signing up for something (i dont remember what) and i couldn't think of a name so i looked around my room and saw a warhammer card that had a chaosmarine on it so i just entered chaosmarine. the 92 is the year i was born and i added it when chaosmarine was taken
  • It's my job.
  • i got the nickname bastard from me and my mate (luke) falling out and then sum 1 said to him are you mates with barlow (barlow being me) yet and he said "who bastard" and ive bin called bastard ever since
  • My username is my name but with a '3' instead of an 'e'. how cool am I? lol
    My xbox name 'Replicator001' happened when I could not think of anything else and saw my Stargate DVDs and decided 'Replicator' but that was taken so I tried 'Replicator001' and it worked
  • when i was younger i played football and my position was Forward, and im not so good at coming up with names so i just took it and i havent bothered changching since
  • umm i used to play alot of games involving ninjas n stuff id always make my character wear red..and the tag line was..stained red by the blood of my enemies..and people started calling me the crymzen assassin so i just stuck with it.lol..but people just call me crymzen for short
  • Ummm... I dunno :(
  • Ahhh dude i used to watch wondershowzen all the time.. Crazy crap!
    Mine comes from a bodyboard make.
  • I have noooo freaking idea.
    I think it had something to do with a mispelling of the word "sarcastic" and a tv programme I was watching.
  • Well I use this name for every one of the forums I have been a part of.

    I think it popped into my head when I was dreaming. I was dreaming of what it must have been like to be a shoe shiner back in the 40's or 50's in New York. Adding a sort of "spit shine" to the customers shoes.

    Kind of weird huh?
  • ive posted it on my wiki page too but ill tell it again since theres a post.
    before I tell this story I should propably add that the name stuck a little more cuz I have alot of stomach probelms and started drinking at an early age so I puked ALOT in high school, well I still do even though I dont drink anymore(other than a few glasses of wine here and there) but lets get on to the story
    I had gone to NOPI nationals in Atl,GA and bought a white rappers CD,I swear it had a good bass line, my friends had kept making fun of me about this and kept trying to find a "gangsta" nickname to drive home the point. One night at a football game one of my friends randomly hit me in the nuts ,boys will be boys, and I got really nauseous and said, "I feel queasy" that was all it took my friend Rob immediately popped off, "QUEEZY-D,THATS YOUR NICKNAME" (my real name is david,for the D). well the D dropped and I got a new girlfriend at around the same time and so the new crowd that brought all called me Queezy and the name just stuck, I even had a car with a body kit, color changin green n grey ghost flames down the side, god-awfully loud speakers in the trunk, and QUEEZY painted across the back.
  • jackwc is kinda complicated... my middle names are john and wright, and my last name begins with c. jack is short for john, and the last two initials are w and c
  • my lastname sounds like boychook so every one has been calling me Chook since i was like 6

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