Episode #100 - 07/10/08

    It's been a long journey, but full of a ton of unexpected surprises and great moments. Thanks to everyone for sharing their amazing tributes with us, and we hope you guys get a kick out of some of the special videos we put together. This episode is dedicated to all the fans, thank you for all the support and great times!

    We've split the ep into two parts since Youtube will totally kill a 1:40 long video. Note, a _lot_ of people are having trouble watching the standard quality one, so here are direct links to the high quality one so you shouldn't run into problems.

    PART 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWQeh2hrBeA&fmt=18
    PART 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yPokXESvcE&fmt=18

    Also, here are the embeds, but no idea if it'll do the HQ version so it may freeze on you. If it does, click the link above!

    PART 1

    PART 2

  • OMG!!!! I can't wait till pt 2 comes out,and like i said before awesome crib tobin :lol:
  • I have seriously been watching previous episodes for the last few days waiting for episode 100 to come out. I feel like a rabid drug fiend waiting for a my dealer to call me back.

    Cheers from Australia!

  • OMG my voice :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D anyway i can not wait far the sec. onr
  • Whoo! Episode 100 is on... well at least part one is, but still. Great job guys can't wait for the part two!
  • I loved part 1! It rocked my socks off.
  • I really liked the Behind the Scenes segment, especially Tobin's wife knitting part that was funny.
  • lol Probablh won't be able to watch till tommorrow
  • the first part was awesome and hilarious..cant wait for part 2 and also wtf tobin? u got a hello kitty toaster in ur kitchen?
  • I love this episode! can't wait for part 2!
  • Part 1 is awesome. Really cool to see just what you guys do before making an episode.
  • Random thoughts on Episode 100: printed by hp1703
    I love that you poured each other’s champagne. That’s so romantic! It only would have been better had you intertwined your arms when you first drank. <3<br />
    Behind the Scenes: My disbelief can no longer be suspended now that I’ve seen it all! You really do have the ‘show space’ framed very nicely. Is it bad that I’m anal-retentive enough to be bothered when the wine racks aren’t completely full?
    I’m not sure how I would be able to handle looking at the camera if there’s a refrigerator/kitchen behind it and I had to pretend I was talking to the community. But I don’t need to handle it, you do… and it’s well done, sirs.

    Show Notes: You look different without headsets glued to your heads.
    Door-to-door meat, huh? I tried to do that when I was trying to break into porn. Needless to say, I had a few ‘regulars’ who had me in their cell phones as “Meat Guy.”

    You’d better bring that "Tobin was Right" shirt to PAX, Yuzo. If not, I may just have to bring a “Tobin was Right/Yuzo was Wrong” shirt myself.

    Gaming Rigs: Yuzo, why were you clearly in your PJs? :) Love the big TV, though.
    Tobin… “I didn’t see you there” = fucking brilliant. Well executed.
    I love that we’re treated to two videos and three of the “best game ever.” Unscripted, huh? :wink:

    Range interview: Range’s size would be a lot more impressive if I knew how tall Tobin is. My guess is that Tobin is 5’3”… making Range a gigantic 5’10.”
    Girth vs Length… Best. Answer. Ever.
    And with respect to “folds”: you see, gentlemen, obese people sometimes have so much fat that their skin bulges out and folds over itself. Range is clearly referring to the ancient art of “fold fucking,” wherein the male uses the obese female’s folds of fat to mimic the vagina and to become erotically stimulated. Y’all have clearly never been to the “Cubby Kitty,” but that’s a story for another time.

    Brief History: Um… so we owe Sloth for the awesome community? Bring it on! Let’s all take this noobie-driven community to the sky!
    You’ll get free stuff at PAX this year, gentlemen. Don’t worry.
    Looking forward to the Community Tributes!!!
  • woke up extra early to be able to watch the episode before work! awesome work!
  • hp1703 said:
    You’d better bring that "Tobin was Right" shirt to PAX, Yuzo. If not, I may just have to bring a “Tobin was Right/Yuzo was Wrong” shirt myself.

    Heh, I still have to make it. I can't find any white shirts that don't have logos, so I may have to stop by Target on the way to Tobin's tomorrow and buy a cheap-o $3 fruit of the loom.

    Actually, that's a great idea. That shirt might be a funny giveaway during PAX!

    hp1703 said:
    Gaming Rigs: Yuzo, why were you clearly in your PJs? :) Love the big TV, though.
    Tobin… “I didn’t see you there” = fucking brilliant. Well executed.
    I love that we’re treated to two videos and three of the “best game ever.” Unscripted, huh? :wink:

    For what it's worth, one of them was sarcastic :)

    Damn, I thought I was placed well enough to avoid any reflections. At the very least, I wasn't this guy (sort of NSFW, if you squint):


    And I think Tobin saw my rig video before he recorded his :). It's too bad the line about Locke's mom didn't make the cut..

    hp1703 said:
    Range interview: Range’s size would be a lot more impressive if I knew how tall Tobin is. My guess is that Tobin is 5’3”… making Range a gigantic 5’10.”
    Girth vs Length… Best. Answer. Ever.

    Tobin is around 6-6'1", so Range is a monster. You'll all see at PAX, though from what I hear, Sunflower dwarfs him.

  • that was definitely one of the best episodes you guys done. probably the best. i think the idea of a video full on for the community was brilliant to anyone who suggested that. cant wait till part two. i personally liked the history of NooBTooB segment the most. really interesting finding out how it all started. Something else real cool was that i was actually mentioned in the video. yep, that definitely brightened up my day. keep up the good work or whatever you guys are doing and YOW!
  • Just watched it, it was awsome as always :)

    cant wait for the next part
  • ep 100! woot! just waiting on part 2 to process
  • Wow... I don't know what to say. I guess I just had a really great feeling throughout watching this. It made me happy :)

    And I'm looking forward to the community tributes although I couldn't finish mine in time :(

    But I'm sure everybody has done a great job with it and I can't wait for the awesomeness of community love :D

    EDIT: Btw... no audio commentary? *Cries*
  • The history was interesting! Great work guys!
  • So here I am. It's just turned afternoon on a miserably warm but not quite enjoyably so edge-of-summer's Thursday, I'm suffering from a horrible cold, and at the time I write this paragraph I'm quietly crying to myself. Happy happy tears at having watched something so bloody awesome.

    When I was introduced to NooBTooB by a friend so long long ago, a friend who never takes part in the community, I was instantly hooked by you guys. But the podcast is just a facet of what this place is. A gleaming doorway into something greater. And when I told that friend that this ep was up and he immediately responded by saying that he wasn't going to watch it cause there wasn't any talk about the games, I think that kicked something into gear for me about the fact I'm really lucky to be part of something this great.

    Watching these tribute vids just fucking wowed me. All of them heartfelt, all of them great. People apologizing in IRC for theirs - their percieved quality, or something they did in it they felt was risque or silly. But none of them were. All of them brilliant. All of you brilliant.

    We are part of a fucking whole here at NooBTooB. The fact that watching this can make me cry happy tears is proof enough of that. That such emotion can be evoked from me just by the fact that I know I am part of something this fucking great is amazing. You guys are something so special - the greatest community on the net, you truly are.

    No facet of what we here do is what ties it together. We are host to so many podcasts, but none of them holding conclusive sway over us - there are even members of the moderator team who don't listen to the main one any more. So many contests, so many events, but none of them partaken by all. So many reviews, so much user-made content, but none of them seen by all. And so many awesome thoughts and opinions, but none of them read by all.

    But yet without any of them this place would lose a part of what it is.

    It's the same with our users - sure, we have people nominally 'in charge' of things - our admins do a great job, my fellow mods do superb jobs keeping their subforums clean and tidy, all the event organizers do great stuff, as do the reviewers, the video-makers, the shoopers, the Arcade players, the people who provoke great discussion. None of us can claim to be responsible for things that impact on EVERYONE - bar maybe Sloth. But all of us are vital to this place. Because it is the sum of all of us. They claim every chain has a weak link, but we are a combination of all of our fucking strengths. Between us we have the skills to do bloody anything and we know it and we do it.

    You want us pushed up in iTunes, fine, we've done it. You want people to design t-shirts, it's done. You want people making you 60-second reviews, people do it. And if you tell this community to pour open it's heart to thousands of people on YouTube about what this place has done for them, we'll fucking do that too.

    Every single one of you who's taken part in this is a bloody hero. Many hadn't - technical reasons, what have you - but again, that's alright. Not everything is for everyone. But we play to our strengths and every one of you who submitted has this as a strength - and I'm sure even more of us had it and didn't manage to show it.

    This has reminded me of exactly what it means to be a part of this community. One last thank you to you all. I can't say it enough. You are what it means to be part of this community, every last one of you. Thank you all.
  • gw - you guys rock! Keep up the good work!

    Loved the segment: origin about the name "noobtoob"

    Best thing about noobtoob are your reactions.. they are moments of pure gold and hilarity! F*** you guys are the best!
  • I would like to start by saying WOW, another amazing episode.

    I really enjoy this community but i dont participate in it very much. I have been watching since the early 50s and look forward to every new episode. I try to stay up with reading the forums but work is just very overwhelming for me atm. So basically all i do is watch the new episodes, find out whats good then have it shipped to korea about 2 weeks later. I am way behind the curve when it comes to new releases but as long as you guys continue your legacy with amazing and honest reviews, then i have nothing to worry about.

    If for some freak reason i make it to PAX, I will shave my nugget (better yet i will let Tobin shave my nugget) if Tobin beats bioshock.
  • Blown away! Loved it! Like I said on the tube comments, it was great to put faces to screen names and get to know everyone a little more. And part one was the shit! What can I say?...... YOW!
  • fuck man yes part 2 its 6:21 am here im fucking stoked!
  • i guess im the only one that cant watch episode 1.
    it gets to the 5:40 mark and stops then just loads forever.
    it does the same thing on youtube as on the front page and even on this thread
  • Yeah I just had the same problem. The video hangs and loads forever inside the fifth minute.
    Tried it on two machines here at work...

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