Listener Homework: World Of Casual Games
  • Hey all, this weeks homework is all about casual games. We're starting to see the worlds of hard core gamers and casual gamers start to overlap with the release of games like Puzzle Quest which takes a casual game similar to Bejeweled and adds RPG trappings. In 250 words or more, try and answer one or more of the following questions.

    * What defines a casual game and sets it apart from hard core or normal games?

    * What are the qualities that define a casual gamer, and feel free to use examples of people you know.

    * If you define yourself as a hard core gamer, what are the casual games you enjoy. Why do you enjoy them?

    (figured I'd make this look more like homework and see how that affects participation) :)

  • Casual games are easy to pick up, and usually easy to play. Most of them are of a simple design, and the majority of gameplay relies on replayability. Games like Bejeweled or Luxor rely on this.

    Most casual gamers I know barely play them, when they do. It's like when they're bored, or in-between television seasons, etc. If you show them a new game, though, they'll probably play it.

    As a hardcore gamer, I guess that just means that games are what I "do". Casual games are cool to try out, but you know that I'm not going to buy any game unless it satisfies my criteria. Most casual games are easily replicated in Flash, so if my OMG 60 MINUTES runs out, I can just hop on the web and find an alternative.
  • personally i can't play too many casual games, i get bored to quikly, i need a deeper game, and my mum dislikes games but once i had a palm (wich sudenly died) and she wouldn't even let me touch it because it had a stupid flower game (you had to combine the same color petals, and then disapear and then more come out) dude if she was to get achievements for that game she would have gotten the 1000points, o my gosh she wouldn't stop or get bored, the battery would finish before she left it (and that pda's stamina was long) anyways i think is just for killing the time, i have to say tobin does have reason ,though all games are almost for that, casual games don't give me that big appeal to keep playing them.

    and yes yuzo if youo put it in homework formaat is more appealing (at least for me)
  • To me, a casual game is a game I play when I don't have the time to get into a game or if I'm doing something else that requires some use of my brain.

    Like for example, when I listen to the noobtoob podcast I play solitare. Casual games aren't very intellectual stimulating and can be put down and picked back up without any down side effect. I can minimize a game of solitare and come back six hours later and finish it. They are terribly simple and can be addicting. But for me, I need a reason to play a casual game. Never in my life would I be walking home thinking, "oh I cannot WAIT to play some solitare."

    I only play casual games when I'm doing something yet doing nothing. Like waiting in line or listening to noobtoob, or any podcast for that matter. Basically, if something requires more then one of my five senses, I won't play a casual game because I need to use too much of my brain to pay attention to it

    My mom is a huge casual gamer. She plays Freecell like a fucking fiend. Mainly during commercials or TV shows that I watch that she doesnt. Like this morning I watched three English soccer matches, she played freecell the whole time, from 8:30 to 3:00PM and didn't mind at all. It's just something you do to pass time.

    Here's my mom's freecell stats:
  • A casual game is something that you can pick up, play, and stop at any time. They're usually very simple to learn, taking perhaps a minute or so for full understanding of the basics. They won't rely on split second decisions every few seconds like hardcore games. Usually the replay mechanism is something like a simple high score list. You don't need to invest much time to start casual gaming, think of something your mother might be willing to try. There are plenty of interviews available, including some on the radio(maybe even as far as an NPR interview, but I'm not absolutely sure on that).

    Casual gamers are usually folks who have more than enough to generally keep them busy during the day. But perhaps television or reading has lost a bit of charm for them. So they check out a casual game like Bejeweled because they know a few people who have tried it and said they enjoy the game. So they sit down to play, and sure enough, when they check the clock a fair amount of time has gone by. So for them it might be a way to wind down a bit from a day of work, since your concentration is centered on the game and other details fade away into the background. But they have the option of stopping at any time, so they don't need to feel like they are wasting their time.

    As for me and enjoying casual games, the closest I get is with my TI-83. Tetris, Space Invaders, and Brickout, actually Snake is on there too, are more than enough to kill a few minutes if I find myself bored somewhere. If I don't have that available, then I can always bust out the Advance Wars(not a casual game, but simple enough for all gamers to try). The turn based nature means you can have a second player jump in with just one SP/DS. People tend to like Advance Wars because they see it as 'Chess for videogamers'. I can generally agree with that statement.

    So I guess that means that for me, simple portable games have become my 'casual games'.
  • What I think of when it's called casual is that it requires very little to no thought of playing the game.
    Like that of Bejeweled or Zuma or Tetris. Yes I said it, I think Tetris is a Casual game. :lol:
    Anyways there is my opinion Cya
  • You need skills, reflexes, and the ability to make quick, accurate decisions in Tetris. It's easy as you start out, but when it get's ZOMG FAST, most people stop playing because they can't do it.

    Bejeweled doesn't actually give you a hint unless you ask for it, and so that's pretty much not on the "little or no thought" argument. You have to work fast in that, but not as fast as Bejeweled.

    Zuma is just laem.
  • Casual gaming, by my own definition, should be

    Easy to play
    Fun to play (but not limited to "getting old fast")

    I would think that If you were a casual gamer, you would play when you had nothing extreamly important to do. Or, if you are procrastinating, or waiting. I do not consider myself a casual gamer, maybe Just a Tiny bit below a Hardcore gamer. I only say this because, I have skipped many meals, homework, and many beautiful days that I could have spent outside doing productive things for society.

    Qualities of a casual gamer may include that the person may have nothing to do but play. Maybe they play to burn off excess stress at a cheap price. My father I know is stressed out a little, and He plays Solitare, hearts, and spades.

    I am not An EXTREAMLY hardcore gamer. Though I LOVE the MGS series. I would bow to Hideo Kojima if i ever met him. I play most games that take me more than an few hours to beat. Casual game that I play are...

    Solitare (EXTREAMLY rare)
    snes games
    Elite beat agents on the DS
  • A casual game is one you can play at work, and stop at any point with no fear of progress lost. :)
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    A casual game is one you can play at work, and stop at any point with no fear of progress lost. :)

    NDS sleep mode

    Pretty much every Nintendo DS game fits into that category.
  • A casual game is a game that a) doesn't require large amounts of time to accomplish something b) is played only when bored, or just when looking for something to do c) you can't brag about how good you are at it. ( and if you do you look like a fag)

    Tetris is what I would call a casual game. You can't go to a tetris tournament, you don't really play it to try and get better at it, and you don't brag about what level your in. (And if you do, you're a faggot)

    The things that set it apart from a hardcore game, such as GoW, Halo, and CS:S, is that in those games, you play to try and get better. When you play halo, you want to get better so you can beat people, you don't practice tetris. Though some casual games do override this, like puzzle pirates, the gameplay isn't intense. I would say a hardcore game actually makes you lean forward or curse when someone gets a lucky kill or something like that. You don't get intense playing a puzzle game, or bejeweled. A casual game to me would be fable, it can be tough, but you can play it any time, it doesn't take a whole lot of effort, and you don't brag about how good you are at it.

    I'm a bit of a hardcore gamer, i play high level halo 2, and america's army, both intense online games. I used to play runescape, which can be a casual game. I'd also say most rpg's are casual games, few have really intense combat. I enjoy casual games because playing hardcore games gets me a bit stressed sometimes. They're also just fun to play. The rpgs usually have decent stories.
  • Casual gamers will play the same games as us but dont consider it to be an all night activity.

    My general experience says that casual gamers will hapily play a hour or two of halo, wii sports or PES6 but then will then want to go down the pub/have a real game of football. A hardcore gamer will go down the pub but would have happily stayed up all night kicking ass on some game if they could.
  • pinman said:
    Tetris is what I would call a casual game. You can't go to a tetris tournament, you don't really play it to try and get better at it, and you don't brag about what level your in. (And if you do, you're a faggot)

    That's a good way to make yourself look like a fool.

    Here's a clip from a Tetris tournament in Japan:


    Here's a clip of someone that played the game for four months to max out his score, and it took him 30 minutes:

    Click (Yes, he kind of sucks, but he tried really hard to get better, right?)

    Here's a Wiki dedicated to everything about Tetris, including methods of play:


    Just because you aren't involved doesn't mean they don't exist, and it sure as hell doesn't mean that they're fags because of it. I'm sure LOTS of people can get 20-0 in dust2, or close, but not many can do this
  • That bit on the tetris video where it all goes invisible and he has to remember where all the blocks are while he places new ones and its faster than visable speed.

    My mind exploded. Pop.

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