In-Game Advertising
  • I think its good. =) If a game I really support is making more money and there's this interesting bit of graphic splattered on the walls instead a brick repeating itself, I'm all for it.

    I'm really into detail, so yeah. Go in-game advertising.

    "If you clean this billboard about Pepsi for 5 minutes, you get 10 achievements points!" Hell yeah!
  • It really doesn't bother me. It costs a load of money to develop video games these days. As long as the adds keep away from my game play, more power to the company.
  • I think the big problem with in-game ads is that with 99% of the games, they're inappropriate. Anything from a different time period or a fantasy world, it's not gonna work. There shouldn't be a billboard for Burger King in World of Warcraft. But I'm sure as the advertising model gets bigger, game companies are going to try harder and harder to sneak it in there.
  • It could be good if well done, something like the drinks machine in the original half-life are coka-cola machines instead or something like that. But something that should also happen, since the games companies are making more money, is that the games should cost less.
  • Advertising is just bad and annoying.
    A while ago there was news about Counterstrike being involved with some road map company who plan to put advertising in CSS.
    Imagine seeing CALTEX on the spawn wall.. ugghh that would suck.
    Not to mention popup ads. It would easily detract ones liking of a game.
  • I find it's usually good unless it's overly done and takes away from the experience. It just depends how it's put in, sometimes I like in game advertising because of the realism it can add. For example, you need to have actually companies decals in realistic racing games like Forza 2 because if not it'd take away from the experience, especially while trying to recreate a realracing car.
  • It depends. If the ads work is such a way that they make the game free, like was done a while ago with Far Cry, then its great. Otherwise, I really couldn't care about in game advertising.
  • I think advertisement in gaming can be kind of cool, like in Crackdown with billboards displaying new movies or the Axe ads in Rainbow Six Veges. It can add a nice little touch of realism.
  • I'm going to go with Tobin on this one. Sort of...

    I don't mind in-game advertising provided it is in proper context. I'm not thinking we need link blowing a hole in a wall to reveal a Chevy ad.

    But, some futuristic game with actual billboard ads would be acceptable.

  • If it makes sense for the game world, then go right ahead. I don't mind and it even adds to the immersion at times.
  • Its annoying, but they do need funds to make the game. I like when they do it the way Need for Speed: Underground did. They actually had stores like Best Buy in there, so it was advertising the store and making the city seem real by adding an actual real store.
  • As long as it's contextual and non-invasive, I don't care.

    What I'm saying is, "I'm with everyone else on this one. Bahhhh."
  • I am thinking of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which had one of the worst in-game adverts ever. It was airwaves (chewing gum). It appeared in all the cut-scenes and just did not fit the scenes. It was always so 'in your face'. Bright, ugly and annoying as hell. It really destroyed the already shitty cutscenes.
    That is not how I want the advertising to be.
  • I don't mind advertising, like it is in fifa with just some little thing at the side that says McDonalds or something but it would get on my nerves if it was all like "buy this now!!" like adverts on T.V are. Ugh, T.V adverts...
  • I think its cool as long we dont see Mario wearing nike shoes or Professor Layton solving puzzles like 'which is themost absorbent brand of paper towel?'.
  • if am playin fable 2 for example and during a loadin screen i see an advertisement for Coke or someting like that its gonna take me out of the gaming experience all together, so i think its a bad thing.

    But in Burnout Paradise if i see an advertisemnt for Nat West, thats ok because i probly would see that on a road anyway.
  • I think the most well done in game ad was in BF 2142, although i havent played it in a while last time i played they had these small billboards with "I am Legend" on it, which i thought was probably the best in game ad ever, not to mention the movie was great as well.
  • tobin said:
    There shouldn't be a billboard for Burger King in World of Warcraft.

    you know, I could see oblivion having a town poster, for like, Dell Desktops.

    that would be hilarious.

    and for those who dont find it hilarious, find the kajiit that talks crap about the stuff people wanted in the game. an example would be: "people like to throw their weapons, but that would be useless for this kajiit"
    it means that people wanted trowing weapons, like spears and knives, but bethesda said no, and no giving them crap about it.

    they are bad*ss
  • personaly i think if used in the right way in game advertising just adds to the effect. although i do find it funny when in games like mario kart they have fake in game advertising
  • I think in game ads are fine if done correctly.. Some that come to mind are Anachy Online and Burnout Paradise. Would the red bull cans in GH count too .. ?

    In anachy online the central ad board served as a nice meeting place too.

  • personally i really despise any ingame ads or promotions
    i understand if it was on their forums or something
    but not ingame.

    A) Games are made for enjoyment and lesiure, correct?
    not for some stupid company to 'push the envelope' to endorse their product.

    i mean fuck since we just spent $30 or more on a game what makes someone think they need another stupid and useless item?
  • I am indifferent for the most part. The things that can change this are:

    1) Breaks in gameplay to see ads. Loading screens are okay if they are done during times that need loading. But loading screens every 5 minutes will piss me off.

    2) A In game pop-up. I barely manage not to turn off xbox alerts. Could you imagine stupid shit in your way that had crappy slogans.

    3) A constant in game advertisement reminiscent of some free MMO's. Ya know the ones with a big scrolling ad that can't be moved. Retarded.

    Overallthough, things like strategic placement in games doesn't really bother me. Even down to genres. Wouldn't bug me at all to see a Mountain Dew painting in a fantasy game. It's not like I am sitting at home in chainmail with a morning star by my hand as I play.
  • I think it would be badass. As long they don't shove it in my face i'm cool with it. It actually pretty sweet for you to be taking cover in say Gears of War 2 or some other game, and then look up and you see on a wall an a poster for an upcoming movie or something.

    Kinda lets you feel like your in a virtual mall or something. lol

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