Old games that you still play?
  • I still play UT99 sometimes. I beat Final Fantasy IV and Suikoden II once every approximate year because I love them so much. Counter-Strike: Source is from 2004, so I guess that can be considered an old game? I'm not into the competitive aspect of it, though, because it turns everyone on the game into an 8 year old douchebag. I still play my PS2 a lot too, though some of the games aren't really that old.
  • I still play Shadowbane and once in awhile I install old games such as CoD2 and such.
  • Street Fighter 2: Turbo Edition on the SNES is what I play regularly still. I also play Jedi Power Battles on the Dreamcast a lot too, it's the game that my little brother and I first played a lot together. Diablo II is something I play once a year at least and especially now since I have Diablo III fever. I also play the wrestling games on the N64 when my friends are over. They're fun for party games and can be hilarious.
  • Bionic Commando - Awesome swigging platformer coming XBLA, PSN and PC this year.

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - The PSone version is the best, but it's also out on Sega Saturn, XBLA, PSN and PSP.

    Super Metroid - One of the best platformers ever.
  • I still play Pokemon. For some reason, Gold and Silver have always been my favorite.
  • right now i'm going thru RE 4, and after than probably Ratchet 1 & 2, LoZ Ocarina
  • old games i still play? well, i recently started playing Tombi! again (or Tomba!,I believe, if your U.S), I still play a bit of star ocean: the second story, great rpg for its time in my opinion. I also play some snes games, like super mario world, killer instinct and terranigma.
  • Some Fable now and then, final fantasy 7 now and then also. I'm thinking on getting speedball 2 from xbox live arcade.
  • i play alot of all the resident evils.I've been playing tombi 2 lately and silent hill.
  • i still like to play melee on the cube
    and then, i like to play ocarina of time
    and sometimes i pop in fable for some gaming

    but i think most signifigantly would be pokemon blue version, i still play that EVERY time i use the toilet
    pretty awesome
  • Quake 3 if it counts as old, i even still have a Quake clan
  • pacman! resident evil and mega man
  • For me its Legend of Dragoon, Final fantasy 7, and Pokemon Gold and Silver (greatest versions EVER)
  • At least once a month I have to break out some Punch Out on the NES!
  • I play everything.

  • ive actually had a craving for Tenchu Wrath of Heaven,and when Raven has a cravin' hes gonna hunt down what the fuck he wants(and i got it for $8)
  • I like playing Double Dragon on my NES. Recently I bought it on XBLA so I now play both versions since their both very different.
  • Everytime my bro comes home, we play Mario kart 64, and have a jolly good time! I play Mario 64 from time to time as well, but I really wanna play Rayman 2 again :(

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