What was the First game you ever played?
  • I suspect the first game I'll ever play will be 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand....

    because anything before it ain't a game...its a joke.
  • Super Mario World, along with Super mario 1, 2, and 3. Then Zelda.
  • Maxim said:
    Super Mario Bros for the NES.

    same here.
    as well as duck hunt, and Mario 3
  • I am pretty sure that the first game that I ever played was the Mario All Stars Collection for the SNES which contained Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3 and another game called the lost levels. I also think that a game that I bought simultaneously with that was called Final Fight.
  • First game I ever played was Tetris, at a very very young age on my uncle's computer.
  • I think it was pac-man at a arcade
  • hmm... i think my first may have been one of the sonic games... i cant remember which one, i played it long time ago at my friends house think it was on the dreamcast, not sure. that game pwned :D
  • Pokemon: Blue
  • I dunno which was the first, but I did play Pong (or something like it), Pitfall, and E.T on the 2600.
  • i think it was between pong,sonic,or tetris
  • Donkey Kong Country.

    It was 1994, I was 8, and it was awesome.
  • Mario Bros. on the NES back in... '89. It's been a while.
  • Wolfenstien 3d on my mums lap when i was 2... god those were the good old days. i can clock that game so fast now lol
  • Adventureland on the Apple II. Anyone? Anyone?
  • my first game was The legend of Zelda: Link's awakening on the Gameboy. I loved that game :D
  • Red Line Racing for the PC and N64 (I played the PC version), back in 1997. I loved that game. I don't know if it's considered a classic, but since its 3d, I chose "no".
  • Donkey Kong Country! WHOO!

  • Hmm my first game had to be a tossup between: Super Mario Bros, Bubble Bobble, Blades of Steel, and Galaga. Those were the NES titles my dad and I used to play the hell out of together back when I was like... 3. Man those were good times :P
  • My first game was either Pokemon Blue Version or Duck Hunt on the NES. I can't remember which one, but ever since i first played them i fell in love with video games.
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle world on my cousins sega.

    I remember calling it alex the kidd for some reason though? It was awesome!


  • I think it was doom or wolfenstien 3d. Played them at my grandpas house when I was 5.
  • Uhm..I think it was 007: Goldfinger for the N64...Or was it Donky Kong?
    Well Its one of those

    God.Those were the days.. lol

    Both of those games were like the Halo of the late 90's..at least for me. :wink:
  • I believe it to be the first Super Wario Land for the original Gameboy.
    P.S. First post!
  • I'm not totally sure what the hell it was xD. The first game i owned was DIDDY KONG RACING. And i still play it now... Racing games seem alot more boring nowadays.. Except mario kart of course xD.
  • First game I ever played was Last Knight at Camelot, for DOS.
    It was a simple platformer where you played as a knight collecting treasure. Good times.

    Either that or commander keen: keen dreams

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