The Art of Corpse Camping
  • My story takes place on a warm and sunny day out in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. For those of you that dont play World of Warcraft this is a unique zone in which you see characters anywhere from level 30 - 60/70. So today I was simply AoE farming on my Mage minding my own business when out of nowhere 3 horde characters come running up. Normally I would turn to engage them, but at the time i was fighting several mobs. They procede tio kill me while I try and fend off the mobs and my new threat. They succede in dropping me fairly quickly, but for me the fun was just beginning. After standing over my body and spamming the spit, laugh, and cry emotes for a few minutes I decided to issue my own brand of payback. I ran back to my body, rezzed, and then regained my health and mana. The hunt was now on. I tracked down this small group of horde characters and proceeded to lay waste to them. I then hid behid some of the bushes and waited for them to rezz again. Upon seeing them come back to life I popped out and killed them again. Now many people would call what I did next rather childish, i call it pissing the wrong guy off. I decided that corpse camping them for the next 30 minutes would be fun. Two of the horde guys were smart enough to just log after about the third time I killed them. The third guy however died by my hand at least two dozen times. For some reason I just thoroughly enjoy corpse camping. World of Warcraft facilitates my pleasure in this. The thought of some 14 yr old kid cussing me up a storm behind a monitor somewhere just brightens my day a little. So I pose this to the readers. Share your stories of corpse camping and tea-bagging of your defeated opponents. I would love to hear of your tales of torture :) ..
  • i have witnessed another type of corpse camping.

    i play call of duty 2 online sometimes, and as you may know, there are always choke points where many people die. a few times, people have laid prone in this pile of corpses, camouflaged within the pile. as people walked into range, they were immediately killed by this camper. he was unkillable as you can never tell which body is his before you die.

    a grenade could have worked, now that i think about it

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