Eastman - Shadow of the Colossus Review
  • My review of Shadow of the Colossus. After this I'm going to start to review newer games, good or bad. Most likely I will start with COD4 because I have it.

  • nice one dude your video was very good to watch i loved this game too so if anyone hasnt played is yet i would advise to go get it a little constructive criticism there was about a min where you didnt talk and i was left thinking whats going on :P but thats very minor

    so great review east man and people should pick up this game
  • Yeah I know about the gaps of me talking, I'm still new to this and will get better at it. I will in my next review try to have some criticism and such.
  • I like your review style! The way you dive into the atmosphere and emotional response is nice and rare in reviews. The only advice I would give is try to get your facts down, being unsure about the release date doesn't instill a lot of confidence in the listener. Also, the long pauses are a little annoying. Finally, I felt perhaps some comments about sound and replay value would have been nice additions.

    I think with some editing out of the long silent stretches you could have all this info in 3-4 minutes instead of the longer video here.
  • Thank you for the comments! as I mentioned before, I will try to do much better on the next review. I will take everything into consideration.