MGS3: 60 sec review
  • this is a basic overview of what is new with mgs3:subsistence, which I hope Tobin will play because its a much better much better version of mgs3 because of the new 3-d player controlled camera. Sorry for the jumpy-ness of some of the audio, I had to shrink it down to about 60 seconds.

    I would also like to point out that with the new mgs pack that came out, it only has disk 1 on mgs3. So all of the extras that I showed you are gone because they are on disk 2.
  • Hey Eastman,
    Great start with your review - and I can appreciate the fact that you want Tobin to check this game out again, as I am with you on that one...a great title for the PS2, and one of my favorite games on the system.

    I would definitely recommend using more of your 60 seconds on game elements such as gameplay, style, and what pertains to that genre.
    For example:
    -it is a stealth action game
    -what a person is getting into the game
    -thumbs up/down and why

    I look forward to seeing more of these man - they are pretty handy and great to see.
    Noobie for the review.

  • Definitely an interesting view - I like it. MGS 3 was the fucking tits, the best MGS game by far :D
  • Thank you so much for the comments, and noobie of course. I will try to be more descriptive next time with my reviews, this was more just to get Tobin to play and finish MGS3.
  • Make sure you send a hard copy to [email][/email] if you haven't already!

  • Noobie awarded !
    This is actually the only Metal gear game i havent played (i even played the original 1 and 2 8 bit games , acid and portable ops)
    So Yeah I am definitly going back to this, I always hear good things about it being the best in the series.
    Getting Tobin to play things he doesnt like is a hard task tough , reaaaaally hard.
    So it should be interesting to see how that goes .

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