NooBTooB Rock/Metal Tribute...
  • ...Is kind of like the Death Star right now...
    It's operational, but it's not complete.

    When I said I was going to give NT a hard rock/metal song (due to the recent influx of (c)rap songs dedicated to NT), I meant it, and I will deliver. Just thought everyone should know that I am doing it, and I am working hard on it. Currently it's at just over 2 minutes in length, and I suspect it'll be around at least 3-4 minutes when it's done.

    But then again, my songs are never "done", they're all just demos of something that "will be" at some point, but I'll do my best on this.

    Anyways, I'm still writing lyrics for it (and haven't seen my singer about co-writing, and actually singing the song yet, but I'll try and make my way over to his house this week), the instrumentation is probably about 65% done at this point. Just thought I'd let you all know, because I'm tired of this rap...crap that's going on. It's cool and all, but I'm not a fan of rap at all, as I'm sure quite a few 'toobers are.

    [shameless self-promotion]
    If you'd like to see a semblence of the style that I'm writing the song with (i.e. "my" style), head over to my MySpace page for the newest tracks, and ACIDplanet for all my songs (as well as download links).


    ...And I'll tell you guys now, I'm really liking this song myself, it's not as repetitive as my usual tracks, and I'm becoming quite proud of it. It's quite entertaining, there's a lot to it. I'd say it's a kind of...light, melodic metal, maybe. Just past hard rock I think, and just barely into metal. I'm really liking it, can't wait to show you guys ^_^
  • Then let's get showing.
  • Not a fan of the rap crap eh? Well sir, you obviously haven't been raised from the streets like icy igloo ghetto.

    I'm stoked to hear your song Grae and look forward to doing some different styles. Don't be gettin' your knickers in a patient.

    Rock on dude.