Episode #025 - 01/08/2007
  • Episode and Video are up!

    Sorry for having Assault Heroes as our featured game -- it's _DRY_ out there for games. Let us know what ya think of the ep here, and how the video turned out (we think it's heaps better than episode 23, which we also posted up).
  • Oh, since y'all have been hurting for new games to play, I'll recommend an indie pc game I've been playing called Mr. Robot. It's by Moonpod, who also made the awesome game Starscape...if you haven't played that, definitely check it out.

    Anyway, Mr. Robot is like a combination action/puzzle game crossed with a JRPG, and then mixed with a construction set so you can make your own things. Lots of polish for an indie game, and it even had achievement points -- maybe they're planning on a XBLA version?
  • I saw Tobin pick his nose...
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    I saw Tobin pick his nose...

    Liar! I'm sure I was just scratching it!

  • tobin picked his nose
  • dontmatter said:
    tobin picked his nose

    Don't listen to anything mikey says, he's a notorious degenerate liar and a drunk, to boot.
  • Fantastic work guys, i was browsing Youtube and happened across your little show only a mere few hours ago. Holy doolly i was impressed, interested and enthusiastic and most of all public minded indie broadcasts are few and far between, many many kudos. Needless to say i immediately signed up to the forum.

    In response to your call for stuff to pontificate on might i suggest a look at the world of MMORPG's and MMO's in general, which has been a market dominating genre since the venerable days of Everquest, and now continues with WoW. Being a veteran of both these titles (God they're worse than Heroine, seriously) I'd love to see a look back at the MMO's that were and the exiting titles of the year to come. which to name a few on my big list would be Warhammer Online: Day of Reckoning being developed by a very competnt team over at Mythic entertainment. Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, being done by the boys at Turbine. and even Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure being handled by FunCom the blokes who gave us Anarchy Online.

    These games have captured what is effectively a niche market in which the demographic's have subtley shifted since i started playing EQ when i was 15 back in 2001 even then the core median age of gamers was well into the 20's, if not 30's. Moreso there is a shift in the current market away from PvE gamestyle towards a much greater, if not total focus in games towards PvP.

    In any case these are my two cents guys. Thank you for being ballsy enough to do an indie podcast exposing yourself to the possible ridicule of the masses.

    (Just a side note. Yuzo mentioned quite correctly that in Australia we call boxes of wine "cask wine" but we refer to it as Goon. Enjoy your night on the Goon fellas)
  • DJausGAMER said:

    (Just a side note. Yuzo mentioned quite correctly that in Australia we call boxes of wine "cask wine" but we refer to it as Goon. Enjoy your night on the Goon fellas)

    Indeed we do....and the added benefit the silver pillow.......

    I have to echo DJausGAMER when i say damn nice show guys youtube lured me over and i've been listening to your archives ever since, keep the good work up fellas

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