Listener Homework: Next Gen Games of 2006
  • You've heard my list and Yuzo's list of top games of 2006 on the "next gen" platforms. What are your favorites? What are your thoughts on our favorites?

  • My top 3:
    1) Oblivion. I kept coming back to this throughout the year, and finally got all 1000 achievement points over Christmas break. Just talking about it now and I kinda want to go back in.
    2) Gears of War. Pretty awesome, I'm probably gonna go back on hardcore mode soon. I wish I could get more into the multiplayer, though.
    3) Dead Rising. Killing zombies never gets old, even if I'm stuck at the damn bombs-in-tunnel mission.

    I posted a bunch of other "awards" for video games here
  • top games top games. Theyll all be on 360 for me, cos I ain't feelin the Wii hard enough to get one, and I have zero interest in ps3.

    Gears of War - you all know why. It's everything it was supposed to be and more.

    Dead Rising - was my first 360 game I ever played, and it surprised the shit out of me with how good it was.

    ehh, for the last one...I wanna say Condemned, even though it came out in 05. Man, that game scared the piss out of me, and I'm battle-hardened. RE and Silent Hill and Fatal Frame games don't scare me anymore. Condemned though..whoosh. Totally a next gen experience that couldn't be done with ps2, xbox, or gamecube.
  • I only have wii sports and wii zelda sooo...

    1. Wii Sports
    2. Zelda!
    3. ... Can I put in a NDS game? o_O

    I want a 360. Won't get one til half a year later. T_T
  • Ha, it's good to see Tobin's in the minority with regards to Dead Rising. I think with enough peer pressure we can instill in hime some good taste in games :).

    Awesome "awards" list Misere. Wait till you get 1M points in Geometry Wars. Best feeling I got with my 360 to date, which is insane since it's an XBLA game. Also, I could've sworn there's some game out there where you could take crap in one of the ingame toilets. Not sure about urinals tho.
  • I HATE Dead rising.
    i played the demo and loved it, so the day it came out i went and got it.
    it was a lot of fun for about 4 hours after that though it was the same thing over and over.
    i believe it was a complete waste of 60 bucks.
    for sure
  • Considering I just got my 360 earlyer this year I wasent really able to play games of the next gen from 2006 ontil resently

    Top Choice- Oblivion. The depth, the ability to customise, the story, the whole living breathing world that existed inside this small little disk was absolutly overwelming when I first pressed play and even after 60+ hours into it I still love the seemingly endless amount of missions... except if I never step through another Oblivion Gate I will die a happy man..

    runner up- Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess. granted I don't own a Wii so I played it on my Gamecube.. so I can't really say It's my favorite 'next gen' game but this game was a lot of fun. Plus it's the first action adventure game Iv ever been able to get my little sister to play and just being able to share the same great series I loved at her age with her was worth the $50
  • 3)umm full auto just cause i had so much fun the first time i played it and it was the first game i bought on the 360
    2)probobly gears of war i didnt actually own but ihad lpayed it a few times and i knew it was awesome for that year
    1)definitely dead rising thaqt game was so good i couldnt stop playing for hours on end and even with the save system it never really pissed me off so I absolutely loved it
  • 1. Oblivion. The next best console RPG i have ever played, next to Fallout 3. Bravo Bethesda.

    2. Dead or alive 4. I know people tend to overlook this franchise when it comes to fighting games and it is sometimes dismissed as being just about boobs but this game is the best fighting game i have ever played.... and i have played my fair share. Also had the best online system for a fighting game that i have ever seen.

    3. Test Drive. I have never been a big racing game fan but this game somehow got to me, maybe it was the fact that i could buy all kinds of cars, houses and clothing, whatever it was i loved it and the online aspect was pretty cool for it's time.

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