Episode #024 - 12/30/2006
  • Woot, the Christmas break is over, and NooBTooB is back with a vengeance! And bigger bellies.

    This week we chat about Left Behind and Super Swing Golf, among other things. Oh, and Yuzo disses Bully, showing his complete lack of taste. :)

    Check out the episode, and give us your thoughts!
  • Good episode, even if Yuzo is totally wrong on Bully. That's one of the few games I've actually finished recently.

    I was extremely disappointed in how much Novadrome sucked, especially since it was by the makers of Carmageddon. I remember having so much fun playing those back in the day, but Novadrome was just ass.

    And thanks for the Rocket Slime recommendation awhile back, I've been playing that the past few days and it's awesome
  • Great ep, especially after a long absence. I totally agree with Yuzo about the more control you get over a game, usually means the fun gets sucked out of it. It goes from the whole "Well, anything is possible in this world" to being able to manipulate it, and depending on the game, it can wreck it.

    I did play Bully recently and I kinda thought it was okay, but not as good as I had heard.

    I totally agree with Gears as one of the game of the year. It really has shown me total insane replayability, and I'm even playing it as I type in between rounds. It did so much right that it raised the bar to retarded heights.

    I had a lot more to post about, but my mind's not with me right now. I wanna play more Gears with you all :x

    Oh, and THANK YOU Tobin for biting the bullet and checking out Left Behind! I was curious what shenanigans were afoot in the psychotic realm.
  • Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    Trying to go pro in wii tennis. =P Its not fair when you verse 2x 400 skill point people and get paired with a 69 skill point partner who always seems to be asian. o_o; *currently 300* Does anything happen after you reach 1k skill points?

    Boo @ bully. Boo @ virtual console. $$ + more $$ for another controller? Psht, I'd rather go get food. Will go download gunstar heroes + emulator as soon as my net picks up.

    Nintendo Wii/Mii Friend Codes: http://www.noobtoob.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62 !

    The Wii browser sucksass.

    Ordered 'official' component cables from play-asia, should come in 5-10 days and ordered WiiPlay (another wii sports game but includes a free controller!) from gameplanet which should come within a week. =3

    If you don't have a second wiimote, i recommend getting the wii play package, which is essentially a wii game + wiimote. Its $10 extra, but, for that $10 = game, its highly worth it.

    Now I just need... Another nunchuck, elebits, mario, final fantasy, mario party, super smash bros, *pokemon*, sims wii and wii music. ^^

    What do you guys think about rayman? It pretty much sold the wii to me. But its just a bunch of minigames. Worth the money? o_O

    I'm surprised though, I've had very little solo time except for tonight with the wii. My friend stayed all day to play and it took her 45 minutes to make a mii. =_= Thats why I'm thinking about getting rayman. There's nothing else available and it would seem fun with friends.

    Bleh! Super swing golf, bleh! Wii golf is boring enough as it is.
  • Oh yeah, forgot to mention about what Yuzo said with Dead Rising, and the save system.

    Good game development makes it feel like you care about your character, and do not want him to die. One thing you do not want is the player dying and not caring because they can re-load right before whatever happened, happened. This is a pretty important thing, in my view, but it also does depend on the game. A lot of save-anywhere games need that sort of thing, like RPGs for the most part. I know this because many a multiple-hour session back in the day of FF7 or 8 were dashed by one stupid move in a battle. There's a fine line between frustration and convenience that needs to be treaded upon lightly.

    However! Dead Rising's save system only had one problem with it, and that's only being able to have one save point, period. I did not feel like they were spaced too far apart by any means, especially considering that before you start most big missions, they save the game FOR you just in case.

    The tenseness Yuzo felt, when down to 1 bar of life, hauling ass trying to find a save point...this is what the developers intended, and it makes the game a richer experience overall. When you really care, and are freaking out because you've GOT to make it there without getting tagged by a zombie, well, that's just the perfect scenario.

    One thing the Dead Rising save system did also, was in a way, give the game a scaleable difficulty. If you totally suck, the more you play, the more life you get, the more speed you gain, more item slots...In a way, that's a substitute for scalable AI. Now, if you can't beat it after getting to level 50, then it's the same as not being able to beat it on Very Easy. Does this make sense?

    I just heard so much crap about how horrible the Dead Rising save system is, and I just don't get it, because it seems just right to me. It would have been nice for them to explain a tiny bit further exactly what quitting does when you die (resets you to beginning.) It took me one time to realize it.
  • Sunflower4000 said:

    However! Dead Rising's save system only had one problem with it, and that's only being able to have one save point, period. I did not feel like they were spaced too far apart by any means, especially considering that before you start most big missions, they save the game FOR you just in case.

    Yeah, those are pretty much the same feelings I had, and that's why Dead Rising made it to my top three for the year.

    For what it's worth, I was really annoyed by the single save point as well, and worked around that by buying another memory unit so I could save my "main story line" mission saves on the hard drive, and intermediate saves on the memory unit. This made the only flaw I had with the game go away.

    Tobin's main complaint with the save system was that it was archaic and too hard -- for a gamer with his low tolerance for frustration, I can totally see where he's coming from. But it's kind of unfortunate, because some of the best gaming moments come from the challenge of avoiding a lot of frustration. If those "pain points" are taken away, then it take a lot of the joy of winning away too.

    My most memorable moments in gaming still harken back to Everquest and trying to retrieve my corpse from the bottom of Blackburrow. It was a major time sink but the feeling of tenseness and being this close dying and possibly having to trek for 15 minutes back to the entrance from Qeynos was thrilling.. pure adrenaline rush.

    Playing Dead Rising at times reminded me of those good old days.
  • You're both wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I rest my case.
  • You're just a lazy gamer who wants to win without any work and care put into a game. Well, that's what I figure ;p

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