NooBTooB New Year Resolutions
  • Seeing how it's the new year, it's only natural that resolutions be made for self improvement. Along that particular theme, here are some things I'd like to see NooBTooB do/change for the upcoming year. Comments welcome!

    * Do more interviews. We had one so far which I think turned out pretty good, and it'll be good for the 'cast to get more interaction with the industry and find out the information real gamers want to hear

    * Consistent Video Feed. We still need to work out the kinks with our workflow, but I'd really like to be able to offer both video and audio 'casts on a regular basis so that our audience has a choice in how they catch the show.

    * Build our audience. Doing NoobToob right now feels like being in an indie band :). We have a few hundred fans that are super passionate and that's been great so far. But to do some of the more ambitious things we'd like to do, building up the numbers will help with access to the information we really want to get our hands on. We won't sacrifice our candid reviews or general mode of being obnoxious to things we don't like, but overall it'd be good to have critical mass so we can spend less time on promotion and focus on content.

    Anything you'd like to see changed or improved over the next few months? Let us know in this thread! Also, which of the above are important to you? All feedback is really appreciated.

  • One way of dealing with the super passionate friends, is to widen your target audience through speech. Most of your reviews are from the point of a gamer, where prior knowledge of the title is assumed. For non-gamers who listen to the podcast, they understand that x is gaming jargon/slang but don't really get an impression for the game. Perhaps you should have a more indepth intro for each game from the perspective that nobody has heard of it.

    When you review, by all means, go as normal, but yeah, the intro was suggested to me.

    IGN sucks balls for its lack of depth reviews. All it is is this editor's impression and a few highlights. It hardly goes into the points of the game, key features, new features, loved features, storyline, basic gameplay etc. Just a suggestion, didn't mean to compare you guys to ign.

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