07 - Happy New Year NooBTooB!
  • Wanted to say happy new year to everybody and to another year of noobtoob. ^^

    06 and noobtoob for me meant my first podcast and my first gaming community. =3 It isn't all that grand, but its been awesome for me.

    Yuzo and Tobin have etched into my head that gamers go for the games regardless of the consoles. Before that, I was a Sony fanboy, elite beat agents style cheering on for UMD. I also want a 360 now, so, boo.

    Also got to see some uber leet posts by a bunch of interesting people. <3 Jak, gwenster, misere, jilly dad and sf4k. <-- sounds heaps cooler. =P<br />
    So, to an awesome new year, heaps of great game releases, loads of noobtoob community gaming session moments, alcohol and more noobtoob!
  • I'm somethin of a retard, so no big deal there. sf4k is nice enough I suppose, but I gotta represent my middle name ;p

    happy new years too!
  • Happy new year to you all as well!

    It's been a really whirlwind year for the 'toob, and I'm amazed we've been able to stick to a weekly schedule (barring our winter break :) ) for the past six months. What started as kind of a cheap way to try to get invited to more gaming events after crashing the XBLA Arcade Wednesdays launch party, turned into a really fun weekly event and a great tight knit gaming community.

    One of the major complaints we've always had is that we didn't know any serious gamers to share our passion with. I mean, there's FPS fans, sports games fans, but we didn't know too many people that love _all_ video games to the same nerdcore degree that we did, and it's been awesome to have gaming sessions with some of you guys.

    Here's to the upcoming year with some really amazing games coming out on all platforms. Bioshock, Crysis, Assassins Creed, Super Mario Galaxy, GTA IV, Halo 3, Warioware, Half Life 2 Ep 2 + Portal + TF2, Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Lost Planet, Metroid Prime 3, God of War 2, Mass Effect, Crackdown, etc etc etc. Man I could go on, but this year we'll get to see the PS3 and Wii get true second generation games that will be absolutely amazing. And the DS, 360, and PC will capitalize on their successes and deliver some amazing experiences.

    I can't fucking wait. It's a good year to be a gamer.

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