Listener Homework: Favourite Achievement?
  • This week, another good question. What was your favourite achievement? It can range from the easiest to the toughest to the most gratifying. For my own favourite achievement, I'd have to go the route of most gratifying...

    The One Free Bullet from Orange Box was one of them, it felt good being able to do it.
  • beating gh2 on expert. its the achievement i use to brag with.
  • well I only got the PS3, but I can make this work >_>

    My favourite "skill point" :P on Ratchet & Clank was to turn 5 pirates into penguins at the same time, and then make them dance! That would get votes for being the most fun to do, most challenging will probably be getting 50 kills in a row on Uncharted without dying, although it doesn't sound too hard :)
  • For my favorite achievement (from my limited capacity of tOB and the random Xboxes I play when I am at friend's houses) I would have to say is hitting the hardcore mark in TF2 - 1000 kills isn't all that much in the long run, but it feels good to know that I actually do something on the battlefield.
    A close second is beating GoW on the Insane difficulty was great as well -
    The portal one for killing your companion cube gets an honorable mention. I am a bastard, I know - "I would have invited your companion cube, but you killed it"
  • I think my favourite achievement was the HL2: Ep 2 achievement, "Payback". I found it quite easy to do, but it felt really good to give those damned Hunters a taste of their own medicine. And the "Hot Potat0wned" one for exactly the same reason. Come to think of it, I also liked "Grave Robber" for that reason.
  • "Kicked the Bucket"

    Guitar Hero 2. Jordan. Expert. Enough said.

    I think I got 2 or 3 messages from friends saying something along the lines of "Dude! How did you beat Jordan!?" Good stuff.
  • ya my favourite is also the only one where i actually felt i achieved something, COD2 Hill 400 on veteran. my god it was good to see that little icon pop up
  • The 'Irony' achievement from BioShock was pretty funny and one I'll remember for a while. I also enjoyed getting those ones in Crackdown like 'get 15 seconds hangtime in a car' by taking the 4x4 up in the Shai-Gen elevator.
  • Any achievements I've gotten in the only game I've ever earned a achievement in.
    I dont have a 360 yet unfortunatly, so I cant get achievements. D:
  • meet your maker in gh3
  • Definatly the "Kicked the Bucket" award in GHII for beating JORDAN on expert, just got it today :D.
  • The achievement for throwing the trash can at the guard in half life 2, my favorite because I didn't get it intentionally.
    EDIT: the "Defiant " achievement.
  • Every time I beat Medieval 2 Total War on highest difficulty.... ah the bliss..

    Wish I could go against Atilla 16 lol
  • Beating sephoroth on expert in kingdom heats 1 & 2
  • For me it would have to be the orbs on crackdown and the most annoying one that was most satisfying to get was the little rocket man achievement on HL2:Ep 2, I dragged that gnome all through that game and had to jam it in the car when necessary stopping every few seconds when I turned a corner or went too fast
  • Probably Stepin Razor for Halo 3. I think that one is where you get 3 sword kills in a row in a ranked free for all match since I was at getting it for a long time.
  • The day when i made the correct party escort submission position decision.
  • Finally beating Pandemic...
  • I've got a few favorites, but one that strikes recent memory was probably the New Squadron Record in CoD4. That was pretty cool.
  • My "Little rocket man" achevement
  • i just got one that i liked, and it was four of a kind for call of duty 4 (the one with a number of headshots in a row. i got it by accident during the television station battle. with an automatic rifle.
  • I got to admit "One free bullet" was rewarding but to be honest not that hard but seriously on Gears of War was the probaly the hardest and most rewarding yet... I ain't got it to let you know but i shared the experience :lol:
  • F.E.A.R.
    Play and complete 1000 Multiplayer Games, thats 20 minuite Tdm's, Dm's, Ctf's, good times, good times,

    Kill 1000 Enemies online

    Call Of Duty 4
    Sky Dive to saftey on Vet difficulty!
  • Mine's the same as II Panix II - 'little rocket man' in the orange box.

    or maybe 'enlightened guitarist' from GH3.
  • Vanilla Crazy Cake :)

    Not too much of an impressive one, but I worked for it.
  • press start button in simpsons easiest 5 gamescore points ever

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