Homework: last gen games
  • Tobin and yuzo are being lazy, so I thought I'd start off. I honestly had a hard time remembering three games I played this year that weren't on the 360 or DS. But here we go:

    1) Bully. Good lord this was a fun game. I don't often say this, but I wish the game were longer.
    2) Okami. Pretty darn good game. Unlike Bully, though, I wish it were a little bit shorter...I'm about 35 hours in and still no end in sight.
    3) Dreamfall. Not great, but as I said...this was the only other new game I could remember playing this year.

    Honorable mentions would go to Resident Evil 4, which I didn't get until Christmas last year, and Psychonauts because I'm now on my third go of replaying it and the game is still just as awesome as it was last year.

    I don't have a worst last-gen game because I try not to play shitty games.
  • Mm... >_< Games I really really liked were... DDR, Gran Turismo, Guilty Gear, Mario, Metal Slug, Pokemon, Lumines, Ratchet and Clank, Ridge Racer, Sly Racoon, Suikoden, Time Crisis ... Valkyrie Profile...

    Top three, hmm... o_O

    1. Pokemon FireRed
    2. Super Mario Sunshine
    3. Sly Racoon

    Honorable mention should go to Valkyrie Profile 2.
  • Man, I need to play Bully. For some reason my game rental company apparently "forgot" I had it and sent me another game in my queue, so I'll have the upcoming break to go all the way into it.

    Also need to get back to Okami and FFXII.. looks like it'll be a PS2 xmas! Anyone else amazed at how shitty next week looks for new releases?


    I'm not sure what we'll be able to talk about next episode.. we'll probably just go off on random tangents and gaming stories for the past year. I honestly haven't played anything at all except for Pinata and a little Project 8 (yawn).
  • I'm kind of glad there's nothing new coming out that I want. I plan to spend the holidays finishing up games I started earlier in the year, like Dead Rising and Okami.

    Unless, of course, I get hold of a Wii...
  • ... The metal gears that came out more recently I very much enjoyed.
  • its funny i saw this thread.

    i just fired up my xbox for the first time since i got the 360. if you saw my help thread post it would be no suprise that the game i was playing is the speed rumbler on the 2nd capcom collection.
  • hmm it would have to be...

    2)gta San Andreas
    3)KotOR 2
  • 1: Gran turismo 4
    2: DDR Supernova
    3: Suzuki Super bikes

    That was an epic list of games.
  • 1: Armored Core 3
    2: DDR Supernova
    3: Devil May Cry 2 (yes, i know most people hate it!)
  • 1. Twisted Metal series
    2. FFXII(first rpg of the FF series i played)
    3. GTA Vice City
  • 1) Psychonauts
    2) Beyond Good and Evil
    3) SSX Tricky

    So pumped for BG&E 2
  • I have to put some staples on the table:
    1. God of War II
    2. Okami (Ps2)
    Worst game I have right now on last gen - motherfucken Haven.
  • 1.Burnout 3- class game unlike paradise
    2.Need for speed hot persuit-very good
    3Army men land see and air-good but hard.
  • soo top 3 last gen games?

    1. Shadow of the Colossus
    2. Metal Gear Solid 2
    3. Splinter cell chaos theory

    im sure there were others but thats what comes to mind.
  • I just bought 3 previous gen games today.
    Killer 7
    F-Zero GX
    Blast Corps

    But, those aren't the games I have been playing, you know since I just bought them.
    1. MegaMan Anniversary Collection
    2. Sonic Mega Collection
    3. Sonic Adventure Battle 2

    I was playing MegaMan Anniversary Collection before I even heard about MegaMan 9's release, but started playing it more when I heard about it. Sonic Mega Collection, because I love Sonic's games (well, the ones I've played, and I haven't played the two so called worst; Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 06) and a lot of the stuff on the disc is getting released for the VC. And I started playing Sonic Adventure Battle 2 because I wanted to raise some chaos.
  • Raven_Sensei said:
    1. Twisted Metal series
    2. FFXII(first rpg of the FF series i played)
    3. GTA Vice City

    all great games. Twisted metal was an awesome series but i liked 3 (i think thas the right one) more than black.

    personaly i'm still using my ps2 so my top three atm games are
    1.Dragon quest 8
    2.ssx on tour
    3. kh2

    and probably the most disapointing game was simpsons. they actualy made it look worse on ps2. it's like borderline 64bit grapghics wtf
  • 1. fable(favorite old rpg but got to easy and boring)

    2. halo 2(first fps and my first game that has online multiplayer i was addicted)

    3. battlefield modern combat xbox(my first military fps)
  • 1. Metal Gear Solid 3
    2. Metal Gear Solid 2

    I hope this is okay, because it last-last gen.

    3. Metal Gear Solid

    Yeah that's right! I was preparing myself for Metal Gear Solid 4.[/b]
  • oh thats easy

    legend of zelda ocarina of time
    donkey kong country
    legend of zelda majora's mask
    champions of norrath...........

    the list goes on and on.
  • Fable lost chapters
    Halo 2
    super smash brother melee

    fo' sho :)
  • Playing old Star Wars Games to get me pumped up for Force Unleashed
  • Final Fantasy 12, bully and star was knights of the old republic 2. I thought one i got my 360 (on release day) i would never look bad but i keep fining my self being drawn back to FF 12, cant wait for FF 13 it is going to rock.
  • Final Fantasy 12, bully and star was knights of the old republic 2. I thought one i got my 360 (on release day) i would never look bad but i keep fining my self being drawn back to FF 12, cant wait for FF 13 it is going to rock.
  • Morrowind on Xbox,
    Tekken 5 on PS2 (love that shit),
    Super Mario Party on the 'Cube (Ultimate drinking game!)

    And Pokemon Emerald, if there's time...
  • I haven't played PS2 for a long time, but still, these are the last ones I played:

    - Metal Gear Solid 2

    - Kingdom Hearts 2

    - Dragonball ~ Tenkaichi
  • well im new to the noobtoob army and well the games i have just finished in the past 3 months are as follows

    final fantasy 9
    final fantasy 10
    final fantasy 12
    kingdom heart 2 one of the best games out there still
    im a die hard halo 2-3 fan on that everyday
    and for the psp i played crisis core best game ever i never played ff7 and now that crisis core came out i dont think i want to cloud should have never been there!!!!!
    and i think now i will try and beat some rachet and clanks i heard they rock and tobin is all about them so i might as well give them a try


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